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Cool as a Cucumber

July 23rd, 2007

For those of you looking into portable air conditioners, I ran across this site:


It looks like I may have found an even better unit for us. At 543 watts, that little Danby unit may actually be able to run at 100% during the day without too much battery buffering if we put 4 or so 160W solar panels on the roof.

5,000 BTU should cool 1250 cubic feet of space. I’m guesstimating 25x7x7 for 1225 cubic feet – and there will be a lot of dead space inside that for storage, bathroom etc that won’t need to be cooled.

Too bad the rest of the day wasn’t as productive. We looked at 8 or 9 RV’s and put 200 miles or so on the pickup. No luck. Time to start planning for next weekend.

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