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Everything Must Go!

July 24th, 2007

Thankfully, we can’t take everything we own with us in the motorhome. We have way too much stuff and it will be a pleasure to get rid of most of it. The last few times we’ve moved it’s been quite a chore and we’ve actually had to start considering ‘do we want to move all this crap?’ everytime we consider changing apartments.

For starters, every piece of furniture we own can be given away or sold with the exception of our camping chairs and tables. The entire room full of old computer hardware will be useless. The only computers we plan to keep are 2-4 laptops, the NAS (network attached storage – a little black box full of hard drives) and a wifi router. We may keep one of the 19″ wide screen LCD’s if we end up with an RV large enough to sport a permanent workstation area, but that remains to be seen.

It’s amazing how much things depreciate. Our extensive technical library probably ran 2-3 thousand dollars over a 10 year period. It looks like we’ll be doing very well to get $200 out of it. Oh well. I’m keeping a few of the more useful programming and network books and the rest of the subject matter we can find on the internet. The harder decision is which fiction to take with us. I have a large collection of electronic fiction stored on the NAS, but it’s nice to have hard copy when you’re relaxing outdoors.

We’ve got relatives lined up to store and borrow some of our things, but the more we get rid of, the less we have to haul out of state and try to find a safe place for. It looks like we’ll be keeping both vehicles in storage for a while until we’re sure we like the lifestyle. Then Jenn will probably sell her vehicle as it still has decent resale value. My pickup has depreciated about all it’s going to and is still in excellent condition, so we’ll probably keep it stored a bit longer.

Unfortunately, we don’t have room to have a garage sale where we are currently, so we’ll have to get rid of things slowly via craigs list and ebay. Maybe we’ll make a bit more money that way, but it’s definitely going to take a lot longer, which means will be spending more time living with only the things that have no resale value.

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2 Responses to “Everything Must Go!”

  1. katherine says:

    Heya, it’s Kara/Min from CoX. Just wanted to say hi and gl with the RV shopping.

    Mind if I post this blog on the CoH forums?

  2. johnny says:

    Be my guest. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more interesting once we actually start work on the doomsday machine.

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