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Geared up for RV shopping

July 27th, 2007

Well, it’s almost the weekend again and we finally have what I think is a pretty good shopping plan worked out. We keep records of everything we’ve looked at or considered looking at. At the rate the good RV’s are getting snapped up, we figure we have to hit the new listings ASAP. We can quickly cull through anything that we’ve already deemed unsuitable and will probably assume anything that was already listed in a previous week is also unsuitable.

We’ve done a bit of this earlier in the week; a handful of publications have already come out for the weekend. We compared everything that was roughly the size/price we wanted with the ones we looked at last weekend and only had 1 unit to look at. It appeared to be in very good condition, but had recently developed a leak and was holding a gallon or two of water in the cab over.

Tonight, we’ll be making lists and culling out the unlikely ones. This will probably mean we don’t have a large amount in one area as we did last weekend, so lots more driving will be the order of the day. Even if we don’t find the perfect RV, we will hopefully be looking at less units that have been sitting week after week without being sold.

We’ve got to remember to take the camera this weekend. We missed all the goofy pictures of Christmas, FL (where it’s Christmas all year round!) last weekend. Neither of us had ever been to Christmas before and Jenn has lived in FL 2/3 of her life. We drove through a neat campground there that gave discounts to Airstream trailers. There must have been 7-8 Airstreams there… in July… in Florida.

Using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2007 (henceforth referred to as KIA for ‘Know It All’), we got to see a lot of interesting back roads we would have missed just hammering down the interstate at 80 mph. We’ve already decided that when we find the perfect vehicle, we will never drive it on the interstate. There will be no hurry, so we’ll just tool around on the older roads and soak up the scenery and culture. Finally we will get to see whats in all those gaudy tourist traps that our parents never wanted to stop at!

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