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No Joy

July 19th, 2007

Well, so much for driving our home home. We drove about 250 miles round trip stopping at every podunk RV dealer along the way. Pretty much everything we looked at either had a lot of water damage, major mechanical problems or was just ridiculously overpriced.

I may not be the handiest guy around, but even I can spot oil puddling under the oil pan, smoke coming from some random part of the engine and walls that crunch when you push against them.

I’m not sure which was funnier – Jenn adding her own bit of damage to a cabinet made out of particle board when she opened it without unlatching or when she picked up a cushion and found a mouse had eaten all the way through it. A couple of times, I expected the ladder to come loose and dump me on my ass while I was checking the roofs. The amount of water damage we’re seeing almost makes me wish we could take a quick trip to Arizona to look around.

So… anybody dig up a 25ish foot motor home they want to sell? Cheap? With fewer problems than the average marriage?

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