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July 20th, 2007

We’re working up another list of motor homes to checkout this weekend. Meanwhile, let’s talk about poop.

Along with lots of solar panels, I’ve been thinking about what can be done to extend the boondocking time we can get in a small motor home. One of the things it’s hard to get around is the size of your holding tanks. In a class C, we’re going to have fairly small tanks. While we could tear down camp and go find a spot to dump as soon as the black water tank fills up, it could get darned inconvenient if we’re 20-30 miles down a dirt road and enjoying ourselves.

One thing I stumbled across is the rather bizarre sounding composting toilet. That’s right. You let your poop sit around until it turns into fertilizer and then toss it outside with a handful of flower seeds.

Before I did a bit of reading, it sure seemed like an odd idea, but I kept getting a nagging feeling that it could be a handy thing to have in a motor home. It is a bit large compared to most RV toilets and at $1300+, it’s about 10 times the cost as well. But, it uses no water at all. Additionally, you could probably get by with a liter bottle for your black water tank if you need one at all.

It’s certainly one of the more left field ideas we’ve had about retro-fitting the doomsday machine and will likely not be the very first modification we make. However, if we end up doing the conversion ourselves from a commuter bus, I’m damn sure going to stick an Envirolet in there.

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One Response to “Poop!”

  1. David Swanson says:

    I bought the plastic camping toilet seat made for 5 gallon buckets. I started with Biobags but I am much happier with my own bag system.
    I use a brown paper grocery bag inside of a plastic food bag. I put both of these inside a heavier plastic bag, then into the bucket with the snap on seat. This is very easy to deal with and gives one an easy package to compost.
    Urine goes in a separate jug.
    When I use the bucket toilet I cover the poop with dried orange peel mixed with dried coffee grounds. Its an excellent deodorizer and is almost a complete solution for me.
    I may not even need it but I also bought a small 12 computer fan I intend to attach to the bottom of the bucket to exhaust out of the floor drain into the empty black water tank and out its vent. I hope this will work to dry the poop and to reduce its volume.
    I’ll see how it goes. I also have ideas for a copy of the envirolet made from buckets.
    I love the composting toilets, especially the marine ones, but don’t like the cost.

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