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Shooting too well

July 25th, 2007

(note: this is not my photo… we left the camera at home)

It’s pretty cool to split an arrow at 20 yards! And then you realize you have to buy a new arrow at $7+ a pop. On the bright side, if we have to depend on my accuracy with a bow to eat, I won’t be shooting twice… well unless I completely miss the first shot and the food keeps standing there.

One of the more interesting ways to save money on food is hunting and fishing. However, non-resident hunting licenses are awfully high and ideally, we will only be staying in the same state for a month or three at a time. I suppose if we know we are going to be somewhere for 2-3 months during hunting season, it would be worth it to buy a $150 license. Some states offer short-term licenses, but I’m not sure we’d take enough small game (large game and turkey are usually excluded) in 5 days to justify the fee.

Fishing licenses are a lot more reasonable. An annual license is usually a good investment if you enjoy fishing and like fish. It just doesn’t seem right to be able to fish for trout all year or plink at squirrels for 5 days for the same price. Where is the ‘small game only’ hunting license issued?

In Florida, resident licenses start as low as $12 with non-resident’s at $150. Somehow, I’m doubting I’ll be able to convince too many county clerk’s that the motorhome parked nearby makes me a state resident until I move it out of state.

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