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The best laid plans…

July 30th, 2007

Well, another weekend pretty well shot. People just don’t understand how to take care of RV’s. Everything we’ve looked at has had water damage due to not being regularly resealed. I’d like to believe that people tell us there is no water damage out of ignorance rather than actually lying, but it’s getting hard to believe in a lot of cases.

We’ve pretty well decided to consider anything we come across at this point. We’ve looked at class a’s, class c’s and 5th wheels. We’re pretty open to the 5th wheel idea as it will let us get a 4×4 diesel truck for gas mileage and accessibility. The hard part is finding one that isn’t ginormous! We’re having a hard time finding anything nearby that’s 26 feet or less.

After a weekend of frustration, we headed over to the range again and I ruined a few more arrows. I’m not too happy with the replacement arrows I picked up last trip. The fletchings are a bit more ‘rubbery’ than I’ve been using and they tend to deform and rip when I get my shot groups too tight. The archer was off today, so I’ll have to get him to build me some new arrows the next time we’re in. Range fees: $4, replacement arrows: $14. I’ve gotta stop aiming for the center with every shot!

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