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A little update

August 27th, 2007

We haven’t posted in a bit, so I figured it was about time to at least make a note of what’s been going on. The last few weeks have been a little hectic as we’ve been trying to integrate with the server team from the company we merged with. In addition to that, we’ve been tied up on the weekends visiting with some friends out of town and going to Hunter Safety classes.

The good news is we are both 100% legal to hunt and are possibly less likely to shoot each other with bow and arrow, shotguns, rifles or black powder firearms. The bad news is we have jobs for the foreseeable future instead of a 6 month severance package.

So far, we haven’t found anything we like much better than an Arctic Fox 1140 in our price range. I just sent off a quote request to the local (well… kind of local) dealer to see what they want for one with all of the special features we can get if we order from the factory. If all goes well and we can actually agree on a reasonable price, I hope to put in the order this weekend. A reasonable price is, of course, the sticky bit.

The dealer is telling us roughly 8-10 weeks for delivery once we order, so we should have a bit of time to locate the right truck to go with the camper.

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