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Not quite Jurassic Park

August 12th, 2007

As it was still early and we had this beautiful day going for us, we were loathe to call it a day. We wandered around a bit finding a couple more truck campers to look at. Nothing much to speak of as these were low-end units that had apparently been traded in to get a few bucks off that 40′ Class A.

And then, we ran into this sign:

Of course, we had to pull in.

It didn’t take long until we ran into this cute fella. Jenn wanted to bring him home with us and tried to give him half of her sandwich. I was just about to ask her if she was going to clean up after him when he ran off.

We followed the little brontosaurus until we ran into either Mom or Dad. Neither of us was brave enough to get closer and find out which it was. We sat on the hill for a bit watching the bronto family eat while Jr. ran around harassing the adults. I can’t be sure, but I could swear he was whining ‘I wanna go see the humans!’

It’s hard to say whose eyes were bugging out more: us watching these brontos or them watching the metallic beasts roaring past on the interstate.

Either way, this idyllic scene is a memory I’m sure we’ll treasure forever. We will describe it for our children in glorious detail as we drive past and ignore their whining.

After a bit, the brontos all left in a hurry. The birds took off as well. The silence was a bit disconcerting, so we packed up and moved on. And we damn near walked into this guy! Thankfully, he wasn’t looking our direction.

Needless, to say, we got the hell out of there as quickly and quietly as possible. In fact, we were still running when we encountered the scariest thing in the park.

Anytime, you run into a Welcome Center capable of eating a T-Rex, it’s probably a bad sign. Even so, got a bit closer until we could make out the tiny print on the sign: Adults – $12.75. That was enough to scare us off for good. After all, it had to be scarier inside, right?

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  1. katherine says:


    anyway, here is a guy that is making his own solar oven, just thought I’d share…


    good luck with your shopping!

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