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The hunt continues

August 11th, 2007

Today, we had a great time searching all over the state for the elusive truck camper. We were lucky as we were actually able to observe multiple herds in the same day. First, we traveled West. Here we found a nice sized herd. We were quite amazed to find the Host breed mingling with both the Arctic Fox and the Adventurer. These three also allowed a couple of others to graze the same area. It was quite an interesting grouping, and we were glad to have the finally opportunity to examine so many of them.

We looked all of them over. We found all of them to be great in their own way, the Arctic Fox 1140 stuck out from the rest of the pack. It was quite roomy inside, yet no space was wasted. It had a decent amount of storage with lots of little hidden compartments inside. The only complaint that I have with it is the lack of ventilation. There isn’t an overhead escape hatch (in case of accidental ingestion), so no light or air from there. That also means that one of the windows next to the bed does not open. On the three windows that do open, kitchen, dinette, and bed area, the area that actually does open is very small. For me, this is the only plus that the Hosts had over the Foxes.

The Hosts had large windows that opened wide and allowed for a nice cross breeze. They also had a large, nifty skylight (my euphemism for escape hatch) over the bed. While the host had a nice open airy feel, it lacked in what the Fox excelled at, utilizing space.

We also had the opportunity to look at an 2004 Host Yellowstone with 2 slides. It had not held up well at all. We noticed some seams inside that had separated. The wallpaper was bubbly. Both slides had delamination. One of the slides had dry rot. This specimen didn’t speak well for the longevity of the Host brand in our eyes. It looked much worse than I expected any 2004 to look. I would love to see an older Fox to compare it to.

The other species weren’t too noteworthy in our eyes. We weren’t happy with the size or layouts. The prices were nice though.

Once we saw all that we could, our journey led us South to the next hunting grounds. Here we found a domesticated group that had been caged up in the middle of the city. It was comprised of Travel Lites, Lances, Okanagans, and Palominos. We observed them from a distance. This was our second attempt at entering their corral. Unfortunately no one was there to let us in this time either. We will have to venture this way yet another day.

We decided to take our hunt to the truck camper’s natural environment. Had we known the sort of reptiles we’d encounter in the Florida swamp, we might have turned back sooner.

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  1. Mik (aka Patrick) says:

    I say you make Tops cut holes where you need them in the Fox! raWr!

    Get to work, s0n!

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