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October 31st, 2007

Well something that I should have researched better is insurance. I have called my current agent a few times over the last couple months with questions about insuring the camper and F450s. Every time they would promise to research it and get back to me. Emails have gone back and forth as well. Neither yielded any results. I have given up on my agent. I have been spending the last week looking at my options. They are quite varied. GEICO being the cheapest and Good Sam (GMAC) being more than twice as much as anyone else. Just like my current Allstate agent, the folks that I spoke with at Progressive had no idea on how to insure the camper while it is off of the truck.

Monster Truck!

October 16th, 2007

It took a couple of months, but Jenn finally found a truck she was happy with. It’s in good mechanical shape with low mileage (for a diesel), but the paint job may have to grow on you. She drove down to south Florida to pick it up a day before we left town for a week and a half.

Here’s a grainy shot of Jenn’s new truck. She had to drive mine down south to pick it up, so you can see it tossing my old pickup around like a rag doll.

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Truck Hunting

October 3rd, 2007

Well, I still haven’t found my dream truck. As our time frame gets smaller, I am opening up to more vehicles. I do not think that I am going to find the exact combo that I want anymore. At least not anytime soon. So, it is settled. I will purchase a less than perfect truck soon. I am mostly ok with that. Except well, now I have a new standard for the perfect truck. Sadly, the prospects seem grim for it as well. Why is it so hard to find a manual transmission?! I love driving one and do not want anything else. It looks like I am going to have to assimilate into the automatic world because searching for one is a kin to searching for buried treasure with only 1/4 of a map. Its making me a bit frustrated tonight. I guess it can’t all be fun all of the time…. Hopefully the car gods will hear my prayers for my new “Perfect Truck”. Its a 1999-2003 F350 DRW, Crew Cab, 4×4, MANUAL! 6speed with decent mileage. Shesh.. its such a tiny request. Time to get back to praying. Now where’d I put that dead chicken…..