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October 31st, 2007

Well something that I should have researched better is insurance. I have called my current agent a few times over the last couple months with questions about insuring the camper and F450s. Every time they would promise to research it and get back to me. Emails have gone back and forth as well. Neither yielded any results. I have given up on my agent. I have been spending the last week looking at my options. They are quite varied. GEICO being the cheapest and Good Sam (GMAC) being more than twice as much as anyone else. Just like my current Allstate agent, the folks that I spoke with at Progressive had no idea on how to insure the camper while it is off of the truck.

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6 Responses to “Insurance”

  1. buddhamouse says:

    Could you please mention what, if anything, you’re doing about health insurance? Are you covered at all?

    I’m also curious about what you’re doing for a fixed address. What do you do about keeping a driver’s license or a bank account if you don’t have a house address?

    • jenn says:

      Not sure how I missed this before.

      We have catastrophic health insurance through Humana. They don’t pay for anything until we hit our super high deductibles. We only have it in case something tremendous happens, like cancer. We are a little miffed at our provider. The have raised our premiums about 50% in the last three years and Johnny hasn’t even made a single claim. I do think that insurance will be the thing that makes us give up this life style one day down the road.

      We use a service in Florida called American Home Base. They provide both a personal physical address and PO Box. We have used them for three and a half years and haven’t had any problems with them. They were an easy choice since we were already Florida residents. The physical address that they provide works great for registering our vehicles, taxes and the like.

  2. JLBreedlove says:

    I was wondering the same as Buddamouse. My husband and I are renovating our Holiday Rambler, and we have visited your site often for inspiration and motivation. I do have many questions, but for now, I’m curious about retirement funds. I am constantly reminded how retirement/social security is going to be no existant by the time I’m 65-70. What route have you taken?

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