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Monster Truck!

October 16th, 2007

It took a couple of months, but Jenn finally found a truck she was happy with. It’s in good mechanical shape with low mileage (for a diesel), but the paint job may have to grow on you. She drove down to south Florida to pick it up a day before we left town for a week and a half.

Here’s a grainy shot of Jenn’s new truck. She had to drive mine down south to pick it up, so you can see it tossing my old pickup around like a rag doll.

The first few days of our trip include working at the new corporate offices. The truck rode very nicely for an 8 hour trip. We ran into a pile up on I-95 though and had to turn around in the break down lane and back track to the last exit. Once we got out of the huge traffic jam, we took some back roads through a state park northward.

We picked a hotel near the offices so we wouldn’t have to worry about traffic and parking in a strange town. Parking was fun! Clearance on the Hyatt’s parking garage was 6’8″. This would’ve been fine if Jenn hadn’t had a couple of tires on a curb, making the truck clip the plastic warning sign. I pushed down on one end to avoid scratching the paint as she backed out and learned just how poorly some of those hanging signs are attached. Jenn was nice enough to pull the truck back up for me to stand on and reattach the sign before anyone complained. Turns out we had about 4 inches of clearance to spare.

Our next challenge was the parking spots. They’re designed for small, commuter style cars. Our truck would take up roughly 1.5 parking spots and hang out 4-5 feet. Not to be deterred, we came up with this tetris-like solution:

Overall, I’m loving the new truck. At 60 mph, we were getting about 18.5 mpg. However, this dropped to about 17.3 once we refilled with Ultra Low Sulfur diesel fuel. We’re going to have to try and avoid the ULSD whenever possible for that extra bit of fuel economy. 18 mpg may not be great, but it’s not bad for about 8,000 lbs of truck.

The ride is nice – there is practically no ‘push’ from passing semis. The truck seats were quite comfortable for a long drive and the truck sits up high enough to have good visibility over many surrounding vehicles. Oh, and the truck came with two quarts of moonshine, making Jenn a first time bootlegger and me a happy camper! Whats not to love?

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