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November 24th, 2007

Sadly, the camper didn’t make it here prior to Thanksgiving, so instead of packing things into it, we’re moving as much stuff out of the apartment as we can live without. We’ve gotten rid of 75% of the furniture and the rest will go into storage in the next week. Jenn says I need to downsize my workstation even further than this:

We’ve still got a couple of big items we’d like to sell. One of them is Jenn’s Xterra. Unlike my old beater, it’s actually worth a few bucks. We’d probably have to pay someone to haul the hardbody away, so we’ll store it with my folks for a year or two.

Supposedly, the camper should be ready to pick up Tuesday or Wednesday. We’re going to be cutting it pretty close as our lease is up on Friday. If anything goes awry, we may just end up in a hotel room for a week or two. There’s still much to do to even get as far as living in the campground. Who knew going on an extended vacation would be so much work?!

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