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Braking in the Timbrens

December 19th, 2007

Monday night we drove the camper back to the campground through the Orlando highway system; about 45 minutes if you skip interstates and toll roads. Between the new brakes and the timbrens, it drives like an entirely different vehicle.

Its not quite a sports car, but it does stop with a lot more firmness and a lot less noise. While it won’t be doing pace car work over in Daytona, it certainly deals with corners and uneven pavement a lot better than previously. It’s still top heavy and prone to lean a bit, but there is no side to side rocking to speak of.

The truck still bounces a bit front to back when going over bumps such as railroad tracks or the concrete slabs used to build bridges on the highways. We’re considering putting a set of Rancho 9000’s on next to counter this ‘porpoising’ effect, but it will have to wait until after our Christmas travels.

The truck is now at the point where it rides better with 5,000 lbs in the back than it does empty. Hitting a set of railroad tracks can cause the Timbrens to engage and put a kink in your spine. Overall though, I like the Timbrens more than airbags because they are ‘always on’ and have very little that can possibly go wrong with them. We can’t use them to level the camper, but so far it’s riding pretty level side to side and we can always drop the jacks for fine tuning once parked. They were certainly quite a bit cheaper and easier to install as well!

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  1. Mik (aka Patrick) says:

    Merry Holidays and Happy Christmas you lovely, crazy, travellin’ man!!!

    “porpoising effect”


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