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Give me a brake!

December 17th, 2007

It poured on us pretty good late Saturday night and early Sunday morning, but by about 9:30 in the morning, the rain had stopped and the clouds were clearing out.

With great enthusiasm, we hopped out of the camper (well, after wearing out the snooze bar and having a cup of coffee) and started tearing off one of the front wheels and the brake caliper. We broke a couple of cheapo sockets breaking some nuts free and had to run out for replacements, but eventually we got the caliper off and got to the brake pads.

And then we had to run out for parts again. Apparently the last guy to work on the brakes couldn’t be bothered with putting things back together correctly. He left off one of the anti-rattle clips and BOTH of the V springs. Eventually, we found a auto store with a ‘brake kit’ that consisted of 4 V springs and 8 anti-rattle clips. A whopping $20 for about one ounce of cheap steel… but if you don’t have it… Anyway, we now had what should be all the parts and proceeded to try and pull this apart:

Nope, didn’t budge. Rust is surprisingly strong stuff. We finally gave up and got it back together a bit after dark. We moved the camper to the side of Jenn’s sister’s yard, went out for Mexican and declared ourselves beaten.

This morning, we dropped the truck off two blocks down the street and they installed our pads and rotors for 1.5 hours in labor. For my money, they can do the rear brakes as well!

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