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Moved Again

December 9th, 2007

We moved again this weekend. Johnny was right it was a lot easier than the last one. We picked up the few items that we had laying around our site, disconnected from shore power, put the slide in, secured everything, loaded the camper, and we were off! I imagine it took an hour. A heck of a lot better than 36hrs of no sleep.

Our plans were to head over to the storage, load up a bunch of stuff for my girl friend, and head down to Okeechobee. Plans always seem to change. We did pack up and head south, but it was only as far as Kissimmee. No, we didn’t see Mickey. We wanted to grab some replacement batteries from a store down there. We did some of that “exotic” parking lot camping. Camping World was close, so we stayed the night there. It was the first time we have stayed in a parking lot in the camper. It was a decent experience. The only complaint we had was the noise. There were loud people, cars racing, and city rescue vehicles going all night. It was pretty a pretty uneventful night.

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