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Welcome Home!

December 6th, 2007

As of December 1st, we are officially homeless!

Apparently the delivery driver decided to take an extra long Thanksgiving holiday. Thankfully, Robbie and the rest of the service team over at Conibear were able to get the camper finished in under a day, so we were able to pick it up late Thursday afternoon.

Here’s our sexy new vagabond machine loaded up the first night.

I thought we had done a pretty good job of emptying the apartment out, but we still ended up moving for about 36 hours straight at the last minute. This was definitely the worst move ever. At least the upcoming moves will be painless for the foreseeable future.

We’ve still got a bunch of stuff in short term storage that needs to be sold, has been promised to relatives and friends or needs to go into long term storage at my parents’ place in South Carolina. Other than that, we’ve found a place for everything we plan to bring with us. Not everything is in the most convenient places, but we actually have a fair bit of extra storage so far.

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One Response to “Welcome Home!”

  1. LiveWorkDream.com says:

    Oh wow, get out! First, you replied to my post about Under-Fifty Fulltimers on RV.net (I started the thread).

    Then, you say you’re in Florida (we are too). so then I went to check out your blog, and I see you have an ARCTIC FOX! AND SO DO WE!!!!!We haven’t seen a single AF while we’ve been here (we got ours in Oregon). We have a 5th wheel, but we almost bought the AF 1150 camper. Changed our mind at the last minute when we got a better deal on a Dodge 2500 instead of a duallie. This is too weird.

    Ok, so I just wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and let you know that we are also in Florida (Vero), and would love to hook up with you sometime while we are here (till late Jan/Feb) to share road trip stories. Feel free to stop by our blog anytime! Hope to hear from you.

    All the best,

    Rene Agredano
    Jim Nelson
    Jerry G. Dawg

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