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Just Another Day at the Beach

January 9th, 2008

This past weekend, we headed over to the east coast to see if we might find some buried treasure. We decided at the last minute and had a few things to finish up before we could leave, so we didn’t really get to the Cocoa Beach area until close to midnight. It was late enough that we didn’t see the point in trying to find a campground only to get up and leave in 8 hours.

Unfortunately, Brevard County doesn’t want anyone to park anywhere overnight without paying. On our way home Sunday, we would find a couple of likely boondocking spots, but they’re kind of difficult to find in the dark. We finally decided to just park in a Lowe’s parking lot outside of the city limits and hope the county cops had more important things to do than harass us.

We got up bright and early Saturday morning with the intention of hitting one of the popular beaches in the Cocoa Beach area. Of course, the city had other ideas. The parking meters were checked 24×7 at the rate of 1&2/3 cents per minute and we just didn’t feel like trying to find that much change. We ended up going about 3-4 miles south to Lori Wilson Park which allows free beach access and parking during the daylight hours.

We wandered around the beach for about 3 1/2 hours until the metal detector batteries finally died. We found more men of war than coins. Jenn got to pick up a couple of bags of garbage, which seemed to make her happy. Grand total for the day was 26 cents!

We broke for a late lunch in the park and started browsing the web to try and find a bit more suitable place to sleep for the night than the Lowes parking lot.

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  1. LiveWorkDream.com says:

    Florida is SO unfriendly towards two of our favorite things; boondocking, and dogs.

    The Eastern States in general really lack the freedom to camp wherever you want without getting harassed. We haven’t boondocked and felt really free since we were out in the Midwest. When you head out to the west, you’ll see what I mean.

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