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January 6th, 2008

Ok. I know I promised lots of information and pictures. I know I need to follow through. We have had lots of adventures recently, and they are starting to stack up. I still need to talk about our travels with a very dear friend of mine and her family through Highlands Hammock. I promised to talk about our metal detecting adventures in Clarcona Horse Park. And just this weekend, we racked up another great time on the east coast.

Johnny is really the better of the two of us when it comes to this blog. I am a big slacker. He is a writer at heart. I would much rather have the adventure and take pictures than spend time writing about them. But, this is our blog, and its time for me to make a contribution. I know that I am really going to be glad that I took the time in 20 years from now. I am really sentimental. My memory isn’t so great anymore, thus this blog is probably the only way that I will remember the details of our wonderful times exploring together.

So without further delay, our funtastic Clarcona Horse Park story:

What a great way to start off the new year, in a new park exploring.

Since we are still working, we drive up and down the same streets day in and day out. We have passed the sign pointing to the park many, many times but had yet to venture in its direction. It was just begging to be explored. And, since we couldn’t locate the RC air field, it was.

It was a really well maintained park. They kept it clean and fresh. It is a newer park which helped with the ascetics but placed a damper on our “treasure hunting” experience. The only luck that we had was in the grass parking lot where people had recently dropped their change while exiting their vehicles.

We were presently surprised to find that they had camping facilities, as we are always on the lookout for new haunts. The site were well spaced and had nice oaks around them. From what we could see, they only have water and electric hookups. They did have grills in each site. They also had something I haven’t seen elsewhere, individual garbage cans in each site. I didn’t notice any recycling facilities though.

This park makes me wish that I had a horse. They are nested up against the West Orange Trail. There are stables, rings, and plenty of room to run. Granted, I would rather be out in the boondocks riding, but I am sure my horse would be happier sleeping in the clean stables.

All and all we had a nice time. And hey, after throwing away a bag full of recovered garbage, we made out with 43 cents.

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