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Bike Week Wrapup

May 22nd, 2008

Thankfully, we made it through Bike Week… well, more like bike week and half when you consider we were selling food for nine days, cleaning for two half days and hauling concession stands back to Columbia for another day. I have been considering some sort of event vending as a way to make money, work our own hours and keep traveling.

I don’t think a full blown food stand is the way to go, at least not without spending enough time and money to make it seem like work. There are a lot of concession stands that are easier to run than the one we worked in, but they are one trick ponies. If the people at the event don’t want say, pizza, you can’t sell them anything. Additionally, they are a lot harder to get into a first class event as they tend to be selling very popular, cheap products such as cotton candy, popcorn, etc. Food in general means you are hauling around a concession stand and a stock truck at the very least. If we are to do event vending, I’d like it to be something that could fit in a small trailer and be pulled behind the camper.

But enough of my rambling. I know my audience well enough to know you’re all just waiting for the pictures of half-naked beer girls and motorcycles. Sorry to disappoint, but my photographer didn’t take too many shots of beer girls in body paint and pasties and I wasn’t brave enough to take my own pictures. I hope this picture of a life-size pornographic Barbie Doll will suffice.

We also spotted this interesting bike. He liked to park in front of the Strip Club Choppers booth, but I don’t think there was any affiliation. Yep, thats a stripper pole on a bike trailer. I never saw any girls on it. In fact, after the first two or three days, the girl that was dancing in front of the Strip Club Choppers booth quit. Can’t say I blame her; tips were pretty lousy for everyone the entire event.

Finally, we voted this guy as ‘Man with the Best Hat 2008’.

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4 Responses to “Bike Week Wrapup”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have a great weekend. Great pics.

    Miss you guys!


  2. Eric says:

    I think I got Neal excited about the half naked barbie doll, course I didn’t tell him that I just said he needed to see the pic of the hot woman…hahahaha!

  3. jenn says:

    Sorry that there aren’t any pics of real hot chicks, guys. I couldn’t find any that were wearing enough clothes to keep this a “family friendly” site. You didn’t miss out on much Neal, promise ;). Nothing that you would have enjoyed I am sure. I mean most the beer girls weren’t even 21yrs old yet. tee hee

    Missing you all!


  4. Jeremy says:

    Why don’t you guys look into selling boiled peanuts as a concession item? The set up can be very simple and I’m sure it would do well anywhere in the south. It’s also easy to run as after your initial set-up you would only be filling orders.

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