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Hunting Sites in NC

May 8th, 2008

Still heading south for the bike rally in Myrtle Beach, we spent a couple of nights in North Carolina. Since we had such good luck with WMA’s in Virginia, we figured NC WMA’s would be worth a shot. Turns out, they are kind of hit or miss. WMA’s in NC do not allow the extensive boondocking that VA has. You can, however, use some pretty secluded camping sites that are primarily for hunters. The catch is, the sites are only open during hunting season.

Luckily for us, spring gobbler season had just begun in NC as we were passing through. Our first night, we found a beautiful site with absolutely no one else around and with no traffic in or out. The next night didn’t pan out as well. We didn’t find the hunting camp until the local forest service guys had left for the night and it was still locked up. It was kind of late to run around looking for another legal, free site, so we ended up staying at the Bladen Lakes State Park. It was pretty and there were only two other parties of tent campers in the park, but it’s a bit annoying to pay $15 for a place to park without any hookups, even if the firewood is ‘free’.

This picture is a bit out of sequence. It’s a ‘scenic view’ pull off site between Waynesboro and Charlottesville, Virginia. We’re still learning the in camera panorama technique on our new digital camera, so please excuse the poorly stitched spot.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    Good luck and be safe. That place looks lonely.

    Love the stories. Have fun


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