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Virginia Boonies

May 4th, 2008

Saturday was spent at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home, but Jenn will be posting about that soon. After we left Monticello, we needed to make some miles southward. We didn’t luck across any obviously great camp sites like Lake Frederick, but it turns out that the general rule of thumb in Virginia is that you can stay on WMA (wildlife management area) lands for up to 14 days.

Virginia has a ton of WMA’s. A list can be found here. I’d still suggest checking the individual WMA rules before heading that way, but Virginia has at least one class of public land that is boondocker friendly.

We ended up camping at the James River WMA near the thriving town of Wingina, VA; population – some, but not many. It’s not the prettiest place we’ve stayed, but the price is right (free) and the neighbors have either four legs or wings.

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