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Winchester, VA

May 4th, 2008


We dropped the camper off with the Northwood guys around 7:30AM and needed to kill some time. Luckily, as the factory was very nearly closed, they allowed us to leave the cats in an unused stairwell for the day.

Wednesday evening, we had stopped at a Civil War battlefield next door to the Opequon church where we ran into a retired teacher who proceeded to fill us in on the history of the church and the surrounding area for about an hour as well as suggest a few things to see in town the following day. On advice of our Presbyterian tour guide, we aimed to get out of town before the festival got started if possible as we have had our share of festivals and fairs.

The Apple Blossom Festival officially started on Tuesday, but apparently doesn’t really get into swing until Friday. This is Jenn’s interpretation of an apple blossom-splosion:


Most of the museums in Winchester didn’t open until 10am, so we ended up wandering around downtown just looking at houses, reading plaques and admiring architecture. By 10, we were hiding in the truck from intermittent rain storms and looking for things that didn’t require getting wet.


About noon, Northwood called to say they were done with the repairs. We made it back once I finished reliving my childhood in the Visitor’s Center by pocketing about 75% of the available literature on local attractions. The majority of the problems had been fixed. One we will have to take care of in Myrtle Beach as the Northwood factory did not have a replacement Northern Breeze fan on hand.

We wound up the day just a few miles south of town at the newly built and still nearly unused expansion to this boat ramp on Lake Frederick. All I can say is, there were no signs that said ‘no camping’ in the new parking lot!

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  1. LiveWorkDream says:

    It just occurred to me that we were in Winchester, VA, and didn’t know that Northwood had a presence there. I’m so pissed, we could’ve gotten our fan / fridge issue taken care of! Oh well.

    Isn’t Winchester the birthplace of Patsy Cline?

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