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Mommy, where does the Internet come from?

June 17th, 2008


It turns out that our new campsite wasn’t quite as deserted as we had hoped. Every couple of hours this Hummer drives by with a tour group. Since they never come back down past us, I assume they’re just driving a loop through the national forest. A few other folks drive by on occasion, but for the most part, they don’t slow down and point.

As we hadn’t been out for a hike in a while, we decided to hike up one of the less improved roads to the top of the mountain. We were keeping an eye out for a new campsite, hazards we might have trouble crossing with the camper and halfway hoping we were on the right road to reach the lookout tower.

After a two or three mile hike over increasingly steep roads that were in worse shape the further we went, we finally found the end of the road. Apparently this is the cell tower we’re


pulling our EVDO signal from. I was halfway tempted to move the camper to the top of the hill and park under the cell tower, but the scenery was ruined by the power lines and tower itself. Besides, there wasn’t anywhere to park that wouldn’t be blocking access to the tower if someone came up to work on it.

So much for finding the lookout tower. But with cutting the road and several right of ways for redundant power, the generator, several locked sheds and a mini weather station (zoom in on the small pole sticking up above the fence at the base of the tower), we thought we understood why our cellular bills are so high!

As it turns out, the phone company that stuck that up there probably got a cut rate deal. The power company probably stuck it to them, but the forestry service had already built the road and created the clearing at the top. This is actually the former site of the lookout tower. It was removed in 1993. So, I guess we found it after all, or as close to it as we can get without a time machine.

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  1. Rene says:

    Sheesh, the least they could’ve done is disguise that tower as a tree!

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