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Water, Water Everywhere

June 11th, 2008

We’ve been in the Nantahala National Forest for nearly a week. We found a beautiful primitive camp site in the Highlands/Franklin, NC area. It’s only downfall is that its a good ten miles from the nearest phone service and internet connection. Since Sunday afternoon, we’ve seen a few people come back in the area to hike, but not a single camper.

I’m sure there will be a few coming in for the weekend just as last weekend, but the sites are quite spread out. Unless you are specifically wanting the single group site with four picnic tables, you can’t hear or see your neighbors except when they drive past.

Last weekend, we hiked the Glen’s Falls trail. It’s only a 1.7 mile hike, but it gains about 700 feet of elevation in that period, so parts of it can be a bit strenuous. The scenery is totally worthwhile though. There are a total of three separate waterfalls along the trail. In the spirit of Where’s Waldo, can you spot Jenn in this picture?

We still have a few more of the ‘famous’ falls to visit before we leave the area. Hopefully, they will be more impressive than Bridal Veil Falls. I suppose it’s just that we’re entering summer and it’s been a bit dry, but there was practically no water flowing at Bridal Veil. We were much more impressed by this unnamed waterfall we ran across on an unnamed forestry service road.

I don’t think this waterfall was on any of the numerous tourist fliers we picked up, but we were just out exploring on the moped and had to stop to take a picture. We also found three or four more ‘official’ primitive sites along this road.

I don’t think we’re going to find another free spot as nice as the one we’re currently parked at though. It’s at about 2750 feet of elevation with enough tree cover to keep the entire site pretty cool all day along

And if that wasn’t enough, there are two separate creeks running along each side of the campsite and you can’t even see the road.

It’s not as pretty as the rest of the water here, but this little creek is what Jenn’s been using to do laundry the hard way. It sounded like a great idea when it was Jenn’s hobby, but when I have to babysit the fire to boil water all day long, it starts to seem a bit like work!

P.S. We’re famous! Gordon White just posted our interview over at Truck Camper Magazine.

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6 Responses to “Water, Water Everywhere”

  1. LiveWorkDream says:

    Hey you’re famous, again!

  2. Desert Dweller says:

    Picked up your site from the truck camper interview, read the entire blog, from one used to be Unix admin/network engineer to another best of luck!
    I’ll be making a donation, grab a couple of gallons of fuel on me!

  3. johnny says:

    Desert Dweller: a couple of GALLONS?! A small donation would be nice, but at todays prices, I don’t want to commit you to your life’s savings. Seriously though, thanks a lot. We appreciate it.

    LiveWorkDream: You guys are too cool. Thanks for the 5 minutes of internet fame! And yes, we’ll have to get together sometime and see who makes the funkiest bathtub booze!

  4. Dean says:

    Homeless, your living the dream! We are about 4 years out on our big adventure so I’ll be following you as you “live in the now!” The blog is great o keep it up! We almost bought the same camper so it will be fun to follow your experiances and see how you adapt. Take care, I’ll be visiting back.

  5. Enslaved Automoton says:

    ohh emmm geee!!!

    If you guys don’t look me up on the way to Alaska when you raid, loot and pillage the Seattle area I will have you arrested and cubicleized!!!


  6. Brenda says:

    Have been enjoying catching up on your journey, even all the telecom acronyms. Would have liked to read the interview, but the link didn’t get me there. Searching on your names brought up some newer articles that I enjoyed though. I think your path is courageous.

    brenda from arkansas

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