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Homeless Whiskey

July 29th, 2008

During Karst-O-Rama, I finally uncorked a bottle of homemade whiskey that I was happy about. In fact, it turned out better than I’d hoped and had a very nice scotch flavor rather than bourbon. During blind taste testing, one person asked if it was Dewars and another asked if it was Glenmorangie. Considering it had been aging about four weeks and cost about eight dollars to make, I took both guesses as high praise on my bathtub booze.

Without further buildup, here’s the recipe. In a one liter bottle, add:

(using 190 proof grain alcohol)

  • 1.75 cups of grain alcohol
  • 2.25 cups of filtered/distilled water

(using 151 proof grain alcohol)

  • 2.1 cups of grain alcohol
  • 1.9 cups of water
  • Roughly 20 grams of Jack Daniels wood chips. (I found these in the home & garden section of Wal Mart near the charcoal)
  • 2 pepper corns

Allow to age for at least four weeks in a cool, dark place. Agitate every day or two for twenty to thirty seconds. Filter through a paper towel or coffee filter.

Add ice and enjoy! You’ve just made the world’s cheapest scotch.

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3 Responses to “Homeless Whiskey”

  1. Rene says:

    Y’all are so brave with your bathtub booze!

    We actually have a bottle of Everclear someone gave to us, and we are thinking we might finally make that banana booze you concocted a while back, since the only fruit the local grocery store here in Lake City has, is rotten bananas. My only question is: did that booze give you a hangover? Did your homemade whiskey give you one?

  2. johnny says:

    With the exception of one time when I really overdid it, I’ve never even felt the least bit bad the next day when drinking grain alcohol. On that particular occasion, I was simply dehydrated and spent half the day sleeping due to lack of REM sleep and staying up half the night.

    Jenn is particularly prone to hangovers and has been known to get a hangover while still on her second or third beer. She actually prefers grain alcohol drinks because the impurities have been distilled out, making it impossible to get the chemical portion of a hangover… the rest is simply a matter of taking in water and getting enough sleep.

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