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July 13th, 2008

I’m on day three of being temporarily crippled. Seems I managed to give the knee with the least amount of cartilage left a viscous twist a couple of days back. Over the course of twelve hours, it went from mildly annoying to three times the size of it’s twin. Needless to say, I’ve spent the last two and a half days laying on the bed chewing through books at the rate of about five hundred pages a day.

Day one was pretty rough as I had not yet figured out the delicacies of reaching the bathroom on one leg. Thankfully, the bed is only about ten feet from the bathroom with plenty of things to lean on along the way. The catch is that there are a couple of steps at both the bed and the bathroom to negotiate. After handling these obstacles poorly for a day, I finally got the hang of it and can now handle the gymnastics like an old pro.

We’ve been staying at Jenn’s parent’s place since we left the campground where we spent the Fourth of July week. This is good for a few reasons. Jenn has people to keep her company and is not in need of a playmate that can run and jump. Good for her and good for me as it means I can read in peace and stay deeply entranced in my books without getting antsy and trying to do things because I’m having a hard time reading.

My knee is now down to about 150% of normal size and I’m hoping it will be mostly well by the end of the week as we’re all planning to go to Karst-O-Rama and Mammoth Cave next week. Karst-O-Rama promises to be interesting as we’ll be going on unguided, ‘wild’ cave trips. If we have as much fun as I expect to, Jenn and I may come away from it with a new hobby that should also be a good way to meet interesting people.

Because of the danger of cave exploration as well as the damage that can be done to caves by amateurs, most cave locations are kept secret. If you want to explore caves, it’s best to join up with one of the local Grottos (branches of the National Speleological Society) in order to gain experience and find out about local caves. Most experts recommend going in groups of at least four cavers for safety, which is another good reason to join a Grotto.

Obviously, Jenn and I are going to have some issues when it comes to joining local Grottos in order to meet cavers and find out where the local caves are. Luckily, when I asked just this question, we were pointed to Kart-O-Rama which fit into our schedule and travel plans with only some minor changes. We should be able to get a good solid introduction to caving as well as meet some folks to cave with while we’re in area.

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