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Factory quality repairs on the east coast?

September 26th, 2008

This place is huge and everything is for sale, from welding equipment to bolts.

We had to have a few repairs done recently, and after talking to the factory out in Oregon, we were pointed to a dealer in Amherst, Virginia. I was getting a bit scared when the lady there mentioned that their repair guy only worked for them part time. However, she told me she had recently sent some folks up to the factory in Winchester for repairs. Now, this struck me as odd since I’d just got off the phone with the factory in Oregon and they’d confirmed that the Winchester factory was now closed. It turns out that three of the senior guys are starting a repair facility and are still working out of the Northwood factory for the time being!

I can’t recommend Bruce, Jerry and Roger highly enough. Between them, they’ve got something like 102 years of experience manufacturing RV’s for Fleetwood and Northwood. Both times we’ve dealt with them, they have been very professional and extremely fast while managing high quality repairs. In fact, I’ll go so far as to give out their phone numbers for anybody on the east coast that needs some excellent work done.

Phone: 540-542-6140

Cell: 304-268-2339

The RV Pros: Bruce, Roger, and Jerry.

Doors, drawers, shelves, and more.

Unfortunately, they are rather low on parts as almost everything has been shipped out to Oregon. Hopefully, this situation will improve as they move into a permanent facility and get the business rolling. They did fix a couple of issues that have been looked at by multiple people in the past as well as some new trivial things that we asked about as long as we were in the area. They’re shipping a part to us as it didn’t arrive in time for them to replace it while we were in Winchester… hopefully, I can manage to replace a circuit board all by myself.

Lots of power tools.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about all the odd pictures, they’ve been having a rummage sale of sorts. There are still quite a lot of tools, bits of hardware, paneling, cabinets, upholstery and god knows what all else. Basically, anything that wasn’t cost efficient to ship out to Oregon or was for previous model years is up for grabs at dirt cheap prices. We dropped a few bucks and came up with a couple of nice improvements on our home that we’ll be talking about in an upcoming post.

One tip: grab a roll of the fake wood grain tape to cover up those nasty nicks in your paneling!

You can see a few more shots of what’s available over in the gallery, but you can’t find the priceless gems like my handcrafted 2 inch screwdriver without rummaging around in the factory.

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4 Responses to “Factory quality repairs on the east coast?”

  1. Rene says:

    Hey guys, would love to hear more specifcs about the repairs that needed to be made.

  2. jenn says:

    * The thermostat in the air conditioner doesn’t work.
    * The gasket around the slide was ripping again.
    * We had a very small leak in the roof that we couldn’t locate.
    * The water pump would lose its prime while we were going down the road. Johnny had already fixed it by putting a primer bulb in, but they said they located the reason it had been doing it.
    * We had a issue where the fill hose on the white water would leak if you filled it up all of the way.
    * Our Northernbreeze fan is no longer adjustable. We cannot shut it off either. We to turn the power on and off in the bedroom area to control it.

    Ah the joys of home ownership!

  3. Allen Barnes says:

    I don’t mean to sound self rightous, but buying new campers seems to be a waste of money. I prefer buying the solid old ones from the 70’s in good repair… but saying that, I am not fulltiming in a truck camper yet. Plus Its only me and my dog, so space is not lacking for just the two of us.

    My good friend Chuck, just bought a 20000 dollar, Alaskan Camper with the pop up roof, seems that he spends quite a bit of time working on that damn feature and has to visit the factory quite a bit.

    I am really impressed with your website and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. I hope to cut loose from my job one of these days and do the same as you folks. I’m 47 and currently working in a teaching situation that I happen to enjoy, but the Career thing to me has always been mundane as heck, and I resent having to put myself on the standard work schedule, but at least I get three months, camping and travel during the summer and xmas.

    My goal is to someday, cast off the lines and live in a camper. If I dont have a stroke before I achieve my goal…

    • johnny says:

      If we could have found a camper in good shape in Florida, we probably would have gone with a used unit. But Florida has next to no campers to begin with and the used ones seem to turn into hunt camps.

      Even including other types of RVs, it was difficult to find a used one without water damage. I know the Northwest has a lot of truck campers. I wonder how they fare versus Florida campers.

      The desert though, seems like a good place to pick up a rig without much water damage.

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