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Hitek Has-Beens

January 11th, 2009

Well, its not breaking news as it has been over a week since it was posted, but we made it into two more Truck Camper Magazine articles.

Gorden wrapped up the year with “Best of 2008: A Year In Pictures” and “Best of 2008: The Most Amazing TCM Moments of the Year“. In case you missed the first run of the article about us, not sure how that would be possible but just in case, here it is.

Shortly after TC Magazine made us a household name, Jim and Rene posted an article, featuring us, about choosing this alternative lifestyle.

Fleeting fame… ah, it sure was fun at the top.

Can’t wait to see what 2009 holds.

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5 Responses to “Hitek Has-Beens”

  1. Rene says:

    I know there’s more fame in store for you guys. You are two of the most adventurous people we know, and that kinda lifestyle sure makes great news stories. Congrats!

  2. Thom Hoch says:

    Jenn, Johnny…
    Congratulations on being famous. I’ve been following your blog but just now read the story in TCM. Way to go!

    Someday, we’re hoping to downsize to a truck camper so we can go those places we can’t with our bus-house.


  3. johnny says:


    Surprisingly, we didn’t find downsizing from a 1500sf apartment + garage full of junk to a truck camper all that difficult (except for the hauling things off to the dump and finding folks to buy / take the things we didn’t need). I was in my parents 1986 36′ class A a few months back and felt like we had 2/3 the space they do. Granted, we don’t have nearly the amount of seating options, but the overall storage area is pretty close.

    If you get to seriously looking at truck campers, my number one recommendation would be to look at alternatives to dinette seating. I haven’t been inside anything with command/dinette seating, but I think it would be quite nice. The couch (gaucho) option on our Arctic Fox makes things considerably more livable for me. Jenn is a dear, but I feel like sitting at a dinette and staring at each other for extended periods is rather confrontational. I’d much rather sit on a couch so we’re not staring at each other constantly! The couch also opens up the interior and make things seem a bit roomier.

    If you ever make the switch, you’ll certainly be able to get a lot more places. One of our favorite sites is down a rather steep forest service road with gravel that’s roughly fist-sized and a few rather large rocks from where the road was original cut into the side of the mountain. Along the way, you have to ford a small stream. Our front and rear cargo carriers scraped the streambed. Apparently, some of the local cowboys have pulled horse trailers down there, but we were creeping down it in 4×4 low and first gear, then didn’t move the truck for two weeks once we got in place.

    You often hear that there’s no boondocking on the east coast, and maybe that’s true for 65′ rigs, but I’ve just finished adding about 50 forestry and wma sites for Virginia alone in our new boondocking website. I left out anything that I didn’t think a rig at least as big as ours couldn’t get to – which wasn’t many, but I think I’d want to scout ahead if I were doing a lot of forest camping in anything much bigger than a class C.

  4. Abase says:

    Oh no, the links don’t work any more. I guess, I’m just too late to the dance.

    • jenn says:

      Hi Abase,

      TCM claims that they have moved our article, along with all of the others from that year and earlier, to their archive where it is no longer visible. Tho, I can still find other articles that are older than ours on their site. I’m sure the disappearance has nothing to do with the fact that we have been vocal about the issues that we had with our brand new camper from a manufacturer who sponsors them.

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