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Happy Birthday Patrick (aka Mik)!

April 28th, 2009

City of Villains Reunion

The attacking thug is barely worthy
of notice as he is much lower level

Oops. We missed Patrick’s 40th birthday by a few days here on the blog, but that’s because we were hanging out with the old man himself, along with many of his family and friends near Seattle, WA. Patrick is a friend I met playing City of Villains a couple of years ago. In a game that had amazing PVP and a strongly PVE oriented community, it was great to find a like-minded soul that was more interested in beating up on real live hero scum than fighting the AI. Patrick was the driving force behind organizing and training one of the few villain PVP groups and the only one I’m aware of that could challenge and beat the experienced hero groups. He also has a wicked sense of humor that kept us all going during the long leveling grind.

Since we were ‘in the neighborhood’, you know – west of the Mississippi and north of California, we had to drop in for the little shindig he was throwing. His family is just as great and it’s easy to see how Patrick has become such a gracious person, surrounded by so many warm and friendly people. They were kind enough to provide us a place to park for three nights in a wonderfully quiet clearing within sight of the Puget Sound. I don’t think it would be possible for a group of people to treat complete strangers any nicer than they treated us. By the end of the weekend, we felt as if we’d known everyone for ten years instead of three days.

Double Piggyback Ride

Roman and Jaden attack!

In fact, the entire weekend became a mini City of Villains reunion. Morgan, another of Patrick’s friends and gaming buddies recently moved to Seattle from Juneau, making three of us. Morgan also helped set up the surprise guest, Jeremy’s arrival from Colorado. Jeremy was yet another of the guys we used to play City of Villains with. By mid-day Saturday, we could have been geeking out hardcore if we’d only had enough machines for everyone to play on. Fortunately, we didn’t and the rest of the party wasn’t forced to watch Patrick playing video games for the entire weekend. =)

The weekend was a non-stop riot of amazing Alaskan seafood, games of all sorts (except video games!), fun and interesting people, and for anyone that stood still too long – swarms of ninja kids looking for attention, caffeine, sugar, or preferably, all three! We’re going to be in the area for a few weeks waiting on passports and hope we can get together with Patrick, Caro, Tony, Siobhan and Roman again before we head across the border.

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9 Responses to “Happy Birthday Patrick (aka Mik)!”

  1. Patrick says:

    Great post, Johnny!

    What an amazing weekend.
    On Monday I had zero, or maybe even negative 10, energy.

    You definitely drew the majority of kid aggro and handled it all with amazing aplomb.

    I hope we can hook up again before y’all head to the Great White North!

  2. johnny says:

    I have to agree on the lack of energy Monday morning. When we left, we were headed about two hours away. After thirty minutes, I pulled over and took a three hour nap in the Target parking lot. I was just completely exhausted.

  3. Mike and Heidi Thomas says:

    If your still in Washington, consider checking out the Olympic Peninsula! We (Heidi and Mike) full time in a Roadtrek up in Port Angeles and would be happy to direct you to some beautiful sights and good free parking areas and campgrounds. Email me if you are interested. BTW, Have really been enjoying your stories!


  4. Patrick says:


    Hey… so uhhh… Jeremy forced me to reactivate my account.
    Oh… and Morg did too.
    I’m like completely being forced to play City of against my will.


    Are you guys still in Washington?
    We went and saw the Star Trek movie yesterday.
    Should have invited you folks.
    I would have protected you from the urban dwelling lamesters.
    At any rate, we have been thinking of you guys and hoping all is well.
    Siobhan misses Johnny terribly.
    Actually she is pounding on me for writing that… she has borne the brunt of many a tease in regards to her and Johnny.

    Truth be told we all miss you both.


  5. Patti Abel says:

    This message is for Patrick…..or Jenn and Johnny or anyone who has had recent contact with them.

    I am Jennifer’s mother, I have not heard from either of them since April 28, when I don’t hear from them I get worried, they usually call or email often. I have emailed and called and left messages on their cell phone, I have not received a reply. Just wondering if you knew exactly where in Washington they were heading or have any information. We are supposed to meet them in Alaska next month, so just beginning to worry…..
    Thanks, Patti Abel

  6. johnny says:

    Yes… we are alive. Just spent quite a while up near Mt. Rainier where there was no telephone or internet access. We got rained on heavy for about four days and decided to wait for the roads to dry out a bit before coming through one nasty spot.

    Got to catch up on email, but didn’t want anyone else worrying more than necessary.

  7. Marie says:

    That is good news on mothers day!

    It’s always good to know loved ones are safe and sound.

    Stay warm, stay dry … after 20 plus years in one of the great rain capitals of the world, western Washington, we sold everything and moved in an RV, nesting out of Tucson. Once the heat drives us out we will head north to play in the summer rain.

    We are considering a truck camper for wandering … (we will leave our 5th wheel here and car camp or???) Your site is the perfect brain/heart food for our hearts.

    Best wishes!

  8. jenn says:

    I wasn’t gonna forget to call my momma on Mother’s Day ;). Even if we did have to risk life and limb fording a deep mud pit that was surrounded by massive boulders which by maneuvering around them left us teetering on the edge of a cliff 100’s of feet high in the middle of a river gorge. OK, it wasn’t that bad. But, if it was, I would have done it just the same if that’s what it took to call my momma.

  9. jenn says:


    Welcome to our home (on the web). Thanks for stopping in.

    I am really enjoying Washington. I absolutely love the evergreen forests and the snow capped mountains. While we have spent a while on the Olympic Peninsula, we haven’t seen the ocean yet. I am looking forward to seeing it. I enjoy rain most of the time. Unless it’s cold. And well, you know about the rain here in April/May. Brrr…

    We are really glad that we didn’t get anything larger than what a truck camper. We kinda of regret getting such a big one. I think if we switch rigs, we will either build our own out of a bread truck (they have 4×4 ones in Alaska) or large van or get a smaller truck camper. We are glad that you are enjoying the site and hope it helps you with you decision. Happy trails!

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