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All work and no play….

November 11th, 2009

We have stated our commitment at Amazon. Its pretty darn rough, too. its one of the toughest jobs I have had… physically. I am red, sweaty, and sore at the end of my shift. Its probably my fault, though. I push myself pretty hard. Your progress is given to you in the form of numbers every 2hrs along with everyone else and well, I have never been very good at not being at the top of the class when things are graded.

I can’t say too much about Amazon yet, as we signed an NDA stating that it was all hush, hush.

Our days are pretty much coffee, breakfast, work, dinner, and then sleep. We haven’t seen any of the local sights. Well, other than one smokey casino lounge where we enjoyed a couple of nice breakfast (for us) beers and after dinner (for them) drinks with Jim and Rene of liveworkdream.com. It was great to finally meet them after a year+ of cyber stalking. I hope to hang out with them again while we are still in the same area.

Currently, our days off consist of laundry, baking bread, cooking big meals that we can eat for dinner during the work week, and sleeping. Fun, fun, fun.

We aren’t sure if we would do Amazon again, yet. We will have to wait and see what the final compensation is before we can decide.

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6 Responses to “All work and no play….”

  1. Rene says:

    Uhhhh….we signed a NDA? I don’t recall. Guess I should shut my trap about the whole experience when it comes to writing on my blog!

    Your days sound pretty much like mine, except I’m lucky enough to have a stay-at-home hubby that makes me dinner every night.

  2. Greetings! I was directed your way by one of our readers who said there were other technology enable nomads working at Amazon this season. As you’re out there with LiveWorkDream, I’m assuming you’re at the Fernely location. We’re heading out to Coffeyville, KS this week to start our month of our first ‘workamping’ experience next weekend.

    Thankfully, it sounds like Coffeyville doesn’t have many local sites to see, so we should be good with long hours. Having spent a bunch time near Fernely when we were volunteered full time on the Obama campaign last year and our numerous trips through to Burning Man – I can say, you’re not missing much 🙂

    Physical work will certainly be different from our normal casual lifestyle.

    Looking forward to connecting with other cool sounding younger full timing nomads!
    – Cherie

    • jenn says:

      Hi Cherie!

      That’s right, we are doing the Fernley thing. We are into week five ATM. For me, this is when the over time starts. I have been working 11hr shifts, and that’s actually supposed to happen 5 times this week :).

      We still haven’t seen anything in the area. Its pitch black outside while we are awake. That’s OK, the stars are pretty in the desert.

      I know what you mean. We are used to doing things on our own schedule at our own pace. Its definitely a change. I kind of like it, though. As long as its short term I mean! The work, while physically demanding, isn’t back braking, and its giving me some much needed exercise. I have started to find muscles I was completely unaware of. If requested, I would probably stay until about two weeks into January.

  3. Just found your blog via Technomadia 🙂 When I read this post I thought, that’s how I feel too! We finally found jobs (low paying) after two months of looking for work. We’re working 10 days straight, then we *might* get a day off to do laundry. I’m bartending and Duncan is the short-order cook, both of us haven’t done this before so it’s a good experience. The tips are crap right now but I’ve been told Jan-April makes up for it. Plus we got to meet another younger couple (25yo!) that has been workamping for 2 years now! I’ll be following your blog to see how it works out at amazon, we would have headed there if we had any money for gas! Maybe next year 🙂

    • jenn says:


      Thanks for stopping in. I see that you guys started out of Florida. We did, too. Yours was probably the longest route I have ever seen to get from one coast of Florida to the other :). That’s one of the things that makes full timing so nice.

      I used to waitress and bartend. Oddly, I enjoyed the work. I hope you guys do, too. My favorite part was being in the “weeds”. That’s when you have so much to take care of and no time to do it in. I thrive in that kind of rush, rush environment. I hope it picks up for you soon.

      I will definitely be giving a final report on our experience here. So far, it looks like we should have done the Christmas Tree gig we were offered in southern California. Warmer, less work (we think), and equal money (because we aren’t getting hours here).

      • I just talked to our boss and he said our first week here was the worst tips he’s ever seen and he’s been here 16 years! It’s raining and very cold so we haven’t seen but 8 people in the bar at once so far. bleh.

        We were offered a Christmas tree gig too but couldn’t take it because we lack a shower and toilet – but it does seem like a good deal if/when we get a rig with a toilet/shower. 🙂 We went from a 35ft fifth wheel (with every bell and whistle you could imagine) to a popup trailer. Now we’re looking for something inbetween, perhaps The Egg will be our “perfect rig”, hopefully the tips pick up otherwise a fiberglass RV will be a lot farther down the road than we hoped for – we’re even considering going back to work for the man for a bit to make up for lost $$!

        – Jess –

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