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Thanks, But No Thanks

December 24th, 2009

Tonight, I worked my final night at amazon.com. They are unaware of that fact. It would appear that they had planned on hiring me on full time, but neglected to tell me.  Now they want two weeks notice if I am going to leave. They aren’t getting it. Apparently that means that I will not be welcome back. So be it. While its a nice compliment to be chosen out of the 1000s  that wanted to stay, I had always planned on leaving after the holiday. I never asked to stay. I was just myself. I feel like they are the ones that broke our deal, not me.

notice? You have to be kidding me!?

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Integrity treats their people like crap and the only way I would work for them again is if I was COMPLETELY desperate or they were the only means to a job I really, really wanted. One example of their total disregard for people: Last night they let 100s of people come in and then laid them off before they even got 5 minutes on the clock. Most of those people had just driven 30-40miles to come in. It sucks being laid off when you want the job. It really sucks when you waste hours and dollars only to be told you no longer needed.

Integrity played so many unnecessary head games. They would write people up for things that were completely out of their control. Almost everyone who started the night I did got wrote up for not making their week four numbers (270) during week one. In orientation, they handed out a piece of paper that said what our expected UPH (Units Per Hour) was. In your first week, you were supposed to make 120 (I don’t have the sheet with me so that’s from memory). Each week it would ramp up. I think it was 180  in week 2 and 230 in week three. At the end of week 4, you are required to be at the same as the full time employees 270.

By the time my week 4 rolled around, there were too many people on the floor for anyone to get the UPH. Still, they kept writing people up for not getting their numbers. They didn’t write everyone up either. Just the majority. It was painful watching friends who really needed/wanted the job get picked on.

I wouldn't call it the best way, but it sure is different

But, I do hate to burn bridges. And, its my understanding that in addition to my attendance, attitude, and numbers, someone had to stand up and speak highly on my behalf in order for me to make the cut. I would really hate to make that person look bad. The individual people there are nice, and I got along with everyone. I will miss them.

But, I will not miss the Integrity head games. Amazon seems like a decent company to work for. After what I experienced tonight, they do take good care of their employees and most of them are happy with their jobs. It was a completely different environment tonight after the temps had cleared out. Everyone was joking around and having a good time. And, even though there wasn’t any work, they found ways to keep us busy and paid. It didn’t seem like such a bad place after all.

This will probably be my last post about Amazon.com.

We discovered a pipe in our camper that had busted due to ice tonight. It is still frozen. I guess I know what we are going to be doing tomorrow :).

We hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

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3 Responses to “Thanks, But No Thanks”

  1. Eeeps… how absurd (and strangely flattering) of them to ‘promote’ you to fulltime without ever consulting with you!! Especially when there are so many others who actually want the job.

    We ran into just a touch of the integrity issue in Kansas in the last week. They put out of a $100 bonus if temps worked 55 or more hours. However, what they neglected to clarify was that you had to be an ‘active associate’ at the time payroll was cut the following week to get that bonus – meaning, you had to work the following week.

    With the way the fiscal week ended on a Saturday, most of us workampers didn’t see the point in sticking around the final couple days at 12 hr days (for us, it would have been 6 days in a row) for just ‘regular pay’ the last days. So, many of us left. Thank goodness ExpressPro brought it to our attention the game Amazon was trying to play, and left of on the books for the week and had us just call in sick. Hopefully, we’ll see the bonus on our checks. If not, there will be a very sour taste left in my mouth about Amazon’s integrity.

    Even in the last days, our department was not holding anyone to any numbers. I think our UPH as a department average was at about 85 even though the goal was 130. And they did nothing but praise us for our work.

    By the way, Gizmodo just published an article about our workamping experience in Kansas – http://gizmodo.com/5433487/the-secret-lives-of-amazons-elves .

    Glad your gig is up too. We still haven’t been able to adjust our sleep schedule back to days.

    – Cherie

  2. Rene says:

    Jenn, I honestly don’t know how you stuck it out in that craphole. I think I had mentioned this before, but when the HellMart employees across the street (who previously worked at Amazon), said that they liked working for HellMart better, that says a LOT about the conditions there.

    Worst. Job. EVER!

    Stay warm, and get the hell out of there soon. See you on the Slabs.

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