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January 24th, 2011

Having a great time here at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous. Wish you were here.

Once again I have done a piss poor job of taking pictures. To date, i have taken a total of zero. Thankfully, other people are more forward thinking than I. Here’s a list of blogs that have documented the event.

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Poor Puppy

January 15th, 2011

It turns out that Rain doesn’t remember much about the desert from her infant days. Or really, that she never learned much about it and certainly not about the Arizona desert. Last night she got to play with some other dogs out here at Quartzsite and came back bloody and battered.

It looks like she ran right into a Cholla cactus. Those are the real nasty little guys that have way more tiny spines than nature should allow all going in different directions. It started out on one paw, but as she tried to get it off, it ended up in her tongue, gums and the roof of her mouth!

Now picture one scared, hurt puppy lying in Jenn’s lap while about eight people crowded around holding flashlights, pliers, dog parts and other implements of destruction. The extraction process must have taken fifteen minutes even with two to three people pulling spines at once. Despite all of this, Rain lay relatively calmly and let us work on her as long as the body part being worked on was held firmly to prevent her jerking away as a spine was pulled.

Of course, afterwards, she didn’t want to run in the desert for a bit. In fact, she didn’t want to touch the ground and went from person to person via lap. Today though, she’s all fired up and ready to conquer the world again.