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Under the San Francisco Peaks

June 18th, 2011

Rain enjoying her new big dog disc

Loving the B-day Disc

I really liked Flagstaff. It is a quaint little town, as little as a town of 60,000 can be, nestled in the Coconino National Forest. Amazingly enough, this desert forest actually has trees! Route 66 and the old Santa Fe Railway run through the middle of the city. Everyone there seemed super laid back and friendly. Granted, most of the people we talked to were seasonal.

Rain thoroughly enjoyed her bday goose

RIP little bday goose

The town is really dog friendly. There are two dog parks and numerous unofficial ones. Rain was welcome in all of the stores we went into. The central park attracts an assortment of people, which makes for an interesting afternoon. All and all a nice place to spend Rain’s first birthday. Then, off to the woods we went.

Johnny ridge walking near Flagstaff.

Do they go?

We found a nice little campsite just north of town on the southern slope of the San Francisco Peaks. There, Johnny and Rain tested out Rain’s Birthday presents.

The local hiking was OK. If you walked far enough north, you could get a good view of the peaks. Johnny found some promising holes that he poked around in. Too bad we didn’t have any lights. One of them seemed promising.

After a couple of days, Rain got bored with hiking the same old area and devised a plan to get us to move on to the next adventure.


Step 1: Roll in poo.

Rain is nasty


Step 2: use up a weeks worth of water getting stink free.

Rain is part gremlin


Step 3: …


Success: New adventures ahoy!!

San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff, AZ

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  1. BILL says:

    You should learn how to spell San Francisco.

  2. Alx says:

    Flagstaff is great I enjoyed my time there as well
    Alx recently posted..There comes a time in life when you have to just say hello

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