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We Are Not Powerless.

October 14th, 2012

A week or two ago, Johnny installed the solar panel on top of the van. The 205watt panel had already proven itself to be all the power we need as long as it’s sunny at least 50% of the time.

Because our old batteries weren’t holding the charge that they once did and we wanted to house our batteries inside of the van without worrying about ventilation, we bought AGMs this time around.

Is Your Refrigerator Running?

October 14th, 2012

No sir, it is not. As of tonight, we are no longer using the freezer or the fridge in the camper. We killed it and turned off the propane tanks a couple of days ago. One tank is empty, and we have been using the other to cook with in the van until we get one of these 1 gallon cylinders. The last item in the freezer was finally thawed today and we ate it for dinner. It was a big, thick, juicy strip steak. It was a nice end to a our life of “fridging it”.

We are talking about getting one of these WAECO CoolFreeze compressor fridge/freezer and running it via our solar and battery bank. I want to put it off though to see what it would be like to live without refrigeration and/or a cooler for at least a couple of months. We are either going to be eating super fresh, super canned, or grains and legumes. Those who know me know that I like my dairy, meat and produce and that we make almost everything from scratch. It’s going to be a big, interesting change. It should be fun.

In other news, we had a nice day. We went to a swap meet in town, drove the van around on BLM land and chilled at the lake.


You buy a truck camper because…

October 9th, 2012


…you think it can do this:

You can do it!

You can do it!



In reality, it looks more like this:
Mississippi Mud - Stuck



Now, just imagine how much easier it is to find a parking spot.

Fun day. Hiking, bouldering, biking and redneck sports such as tearing shit up and drinking beer.

Weather APIs

October 8th, 2012

Which weather? Here’s a comparison.
750 requests/day
3 requests/second
15-day forecast
15+ endpoints
Aeris Web – JavaScript/PHP
Standard support
Calls 500/day 10/min
10-day forecast summary
Hourly 1-day forecast
Satellite thumbnail
Dynamic Radar image
Severe alerts
Tides and Currents
Tides and Currents Raw
TruPointTM Current Weather Conditions
3-Day Data Forecast
3,000 Monthly Data Requests
English Language
Upto 5 day weather
Current conditions
Weather by date
City and Town
UK Postcode
US Zipcode
Latitude/Longitude (decimal)
Airport (IATA code)
IP Address
XML/JSON/CSV weather
99.9% uptime
Advert free
Email/Forum support
Commercial/Non-commercial Use
500 request per hour

Goodbye, Yesterday

October 8th, 2012

I am so glad yesterday is over. After waking up to 40F degree temps in the van, I started packing so that we could make our journey south. We were minutes away from leaving when we were approached by a ranger. He immediately made me feel like a criminal. He asked who owned our vehicles(van and the camper). Then, he told us that we were in an inappropriate location a mostly enclosed area on the edge of a meadow. We told him that we had just packed up and were heading out.

He asked if we had warrants and wanted to run our IDs. What?!? We are just camping, dude. Our campsite was spotlessly clean. The area wasn’t posted as prohibited or blocked off. In fact there was an obvious path leading to the area. We were just camping. We were within sight of the main forest road. We might have been in a location that he felt was off-limits, but we saw no indication, and we are NOT criminals and do not deserve to be treated as such. He was so short and cold to us. It was very demeaning. It made me feel ill.

We gave him our IDs as requested. After he called them in, he kept saying the phrase “ax murders”. I think he was trying to be funny, but he had already set the tone and there was no way I could laugh and be personable now, just defensive. We came back clear… duh! We are not criminals! So after delaying us for what seemed to be an hour, he said we could continue packing. Since we had already packed up and just needed to raise the jacks on the camper, we were gone in 10 minutes.

Note to self: Do not plan on brushing your hair in the truck. Do it first thing no matter how much of a hurry you are in. I am sure that my messy hair is why he thought so little of us.

Most of the day was OK. It really wasn’t that bad. There were little things throughout it, but nothing too noteworthy.

We drove and drove and drove. We try not to move more than 10s of miles. Yesterday, we went nearly 200.

The day wasn’t over yet. I will bitch post about my interaction in Smart and Final in another installment.

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