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This is so embarrassing…

January 24th, 2012

About six months back, I lost my wallet and since I still don’t have a replacement debit card, access to physical cash has been spotty. We’ve been chipping away at the cash on hand. Most of the people I want to do business with in Quartzsite only accept cash.

Good Times - Blythe Bluegrass Festival 2012

Brian gives the BBGF two thumbs up!

None of this entered my head almost two weeks ago when our friend, Brian, asked if we wanted to go to the Blythe Bluegrass Festival during RTR. The day of the event though, I discovered we were only able to afford a single ticket to the event as it was cash only.

Not to be deterred, I packed a bag full of juggling gear and set out anyway along with a big cardboard sign reading “Can’t afford a ticket”. I figured that the worst case scenario was Jenn getting to see a show she was interested in and I’d be able to get some juggling practice in while listening from the parking lot.

Jenn was not quite so optimistic. She was working under the impression that the cops would toss me in jail within minutes of arrival. In case of such an unlikely event, she sat outside crocheting a funny hat while our friends went inside.

Over the next hour, I impressed tens of people… we arrived late and there was not the giant crowd I had been hoping for; most of them were already inside the event. I did manage to make several bucks and was only three dollars away from having the price of admission when a couple of guys in a golf cart rolled up.

  Make Your Own Fire Poi

They were with the chamber of commerce… which runs the bluegrass festival. They were very polite, but also very insistent. They were more than happy to let Jenn and I into the show (a $30 value!) if I would quit juggling knives in front of the entrance. In essence, they paid me to quit!

Their timing could have been better. Five minutes earlier, our friends had come back out to see how I was doing. Three witnesses… I count Jenn as an accessory!

Our band photo - Blythe Bluegrass Festival 2012

Our band photo

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9 Responses to “This is so embarrassing…”

  1. And to think that if you had a new debit card you would be $15 poorer. T’was fun meeting you!

  2. cyndi says:

    Hahahaha!!! Hahahaha!!!! I swear to dog, I am laughing WITH you, not at you! You are laughing, aren’t you??? And that Jenn? She’s a keeper. I don’t know anyone else that would miss good music to watch her partner in crime get arrested!

  3. Brenda says:

    This is the best story I’ve heard in a while. Thanks for cheering me up.

    brenda from ar

  4. the alx says:

    I never thought of paying you to quit. What a great idea, glad it worked out for the good, life is funny sometimes.

  5. Linda says:

    Absolutely brilliant. 🙂 Now if i could figure out how to juggle books…

  6. so you got in for free for stopping playing with knives…. sweet! 🙂 be safe on your travels and enjoy!

  7. Maria says:

    Hahaha! That is soo awesome!

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