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Polishing a Turd

June 28th, 2012

For a while now, Jenn has been making noises about how hard it is to find a dump station. You would think this doesn’t affect me as I am usually driving, but I’ve been letting her ride in the cab of the truck ever since she wrote “Help I’ve been kidnapped!” and hung it in the back window.
Find RV Sanitation Dump Sites

Over the past few months, we’ve built a map based search interface for dump stations. The plan is to actually have it launched prior to midnight tonight so that I’M NOT WORKING ON IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!

Short term, it’s the prototype for the next iteration of freecampsites, which will have all sorts of whiz bang features. Long term, hopefully it will grow and provide a value to the community.

For those of you that think this has been a really informative, ground shaking, infommercial worthy blog post, I give you:

RV Dump Sites – A well polished turd.