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What kind of van is that?

September 23rd, 2012

the beatstIt’s a rare beast, it is.

It’s a GMC Savana. There are lots of ’em out there.

It’s got AWD to keep us rolling instead of looking for a tow. That makes it ‘rare’… at least in some parts of the country.

The AWD is rounded out by positraction. Apparently, most of these rigs come with an open differential rather than posi. With posi and AWD, it drives like it’s on rails. Finding AWD with posi was already in the realm of ‘nice, but unlikely’.

It has the Pro package which gives it fancy pop out side panels. About as rare as AWD, but combined with AWD, a pretty odd duck to find.

the beast

It came with the Pro Plus package that added low power fluorescent lighting in 5 different places. We didn’t really care about this, but it’s proven itself to be a very nice addition. They’re bright enough to double as outdoor lighting.

The real kicker is that it’s got both AWD and Pro on a 2500, which gives it better hauling and towing capacity. And THAT makes it unobtainable. They don’t make ’em. And according to some, they never have. 2003 was the last year for AWD in a 2500 and I believe it was the first year for the Pro package.

It had less than 90k miles on a 10 year old van in very nearly perfect mechanical shape. The guy that ordered this one knew exactly what he wanted and he took good care of it.

At least up until the point when it had a couple of rocker panels smashed in and the doors banged up. That’s probably when he took it out and shot it. I’m not kidding… I’m just glad he used birdshot.

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A Taste of the Future.

September 21st, 2012

Both our lives and the van’s are going to be very different. She, the van, will have a much easier life. No more nine to five for her. No more carrying heavy tools to and from construction sites. Hers shall now be a life of leisure.

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

It was a great day of doing absolutely nothing. We swam. We played with the dogs. Steve tried to get his dog, Zeke, to swim. Johnny set up a tarp, juggled, and used his backpacking water filter. I set the kitchen up outside, cut potatoes and made french fries.

Making fries for everyone


Chillin with 4xSteve and his van

Chillin with 4xSteve and his van

While I don’t have any pictures of it, we tested out the van’s AWD and positraction in the sand at the beach. And even though there were a few deep spots, Johnny said the van handled it like it was on pavement. No slippage at all. We also had to go on a “high clearance”, unimproved road to get to the water. The van handled herself nicely. So far so good. We’re jazzed!

Nice looking vans you got there

Nice looking vans you got there

So… we’re van dwellers now

September 18th, 2012

We got a van.

Now, we are Pros.