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A Taste of the Future.

September 21st, 2012

Both our lives and the van’s are going to be very different. She, the van, will have a much easier life. No more nine to five for her. No more carrying heavy tools to and from construction sites. Hers shall now be a life of leisure.

Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

It was a great day of doing absolutely nothing. We swam. We played with the dogs. Steve tried to get his dog, Zeke, to swim. Johnny set up a tarp, juggled, and used his backpacking water filter. I set the kitchen up outside, cut potatoes and made french fries.

Making fries for everyone


Chillin with 4xSteve and his van

Chillin with 4xSteve and his van

While I don’t have any pictures of it, we tested out the van’s AWD and positraction in the sand at the beach. And even though there were a few deep spots, Johnny said the van handled it like it was on pavement. No slippage at all. We also had to go on a “high clearance”, unimproved road to get to the water. The van handled herself nicely. So far so good. We’re jazzed!

Nice looking vans you got there

Nice looking vans you got there

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9 Responses to “A Taste of the Future.”

  1. Jeff says:

    Nice! You have almost completely redeemed yourself. Awesome van, I didn’t even know you could get a “AWD” full size van. Cant wait to see the inside pictures.

    Thanks, Jeff

  2. Keith says:

    That’s impressive, when I convinced my wife to move into an RV it had to have some serious accommodations. We’ve looked longingly at the vans and little class c’s out there and thought ‘what if we could really downsize’ and we can’t bring ourselves to go that small. None the less we envy you – the places you can go and stay and ease with which you can camp!
    Keith recently posted..A Glimpse of Seattle and those %$#% Cowboys

  3. Well it is truely going to be an adventure for you two in that van, it will be smaller but opens up a whole new bunch of adventure for ya… Zeke and I had a ball at the beach and we will have to do it again before the snow flies…

    Me n’ Zeke…

  4. JohnMonTX says:

    Hi. I’m an ex-IT guy also and have enjoyed following your blog and actually bought my camper because I was inspired by your story. I guess I have to ask what precipitated the move out of the F-350 /”full-service” camper (bathroom, decent kitchen, refrig, holding tanks, all the other stuff) to living in the back of a van? I think if it was economics you could tell a real compelling (and cautionary) tale that would be really interesting. To be honest if I put your former rig and this van side by side and stopped passerby’s and asked them which they would prefer to live in I don’t think it would be a contest.

    Really looking forward to hearing from you (maybe I need to get my camper back on Ebay.)

    • Hitek Homeless says:

      If you have to ask, I certainly can’t explain. RTFM.

      • JohnMonTX says:

        Yeah. I had something all ready to go that was going to be really mean and dissed you heavily about living in a van. Screw that. I bought my camper out of concern I was going to have to move out of my house because the company I was working for was failing and I was going to have to live in my camper. Plain and simple that’s a manual I still may have to RTFM I wish you guys the best of luck and hope God blesses you.

        • jenn says:

          I guess Johnny let his old BOFH side slip out there. But, while a little crass, he wasn’t off mark. If you don’t get it, you don’t get it. I mean, using your same analogy, if you placed a 1800sqft home next to a 140sqft truck camper and asked people on the street which one they would rather live in, I think you would get the same reaction. No one would pick the camper. We, however, picked the truck camper and now, after living this lifestyle for nearly five years, we choose the van.

          We haven’t been forced into living in a van by financial or other reasons. It is a choice that we have made based on our current lifestyle and desires.

          I am sorry to hear that your company is going through hard times and you might be without a job because of it. We know how that feels. We spent years as SAs for a telco who was always in a state of acquisition. Some days they were buying, others they were bought. It’s stressful as hell and completely sucks. A pending merger where we were certain the other side’s team would win is one reason we are out here doing what we are doing. We were asked to stay but the seed of freedom on the open road had already been planted in our heads.

          I wish you the best. And, while I am by no means a Lifestyle Designer (don’t want to be), I do suggest that you reconsider your motives for moving into a camper. If it is something that you are forced into doing, you might regret it. There are other options that don’t require leaving a sticks and bricks lifestyle. You could rent out rooms, move into a smaller place, take on boarders, etc… But if the road calls you, like it did us, I think that you will find a truck camper to be a satisfactory home for as long as it meshes with your desires. Well wishes to you.

          I guess I really should put up a TC vs Van Pros and Cons post.

          Disclaimer: What works for us might not be what’s best for everyone.

        • jenn says:

          A picture is worth a thousand words. While I haven’t gotten around to an in depth write up on the pros and cons of owning a van over a truck camper, johnny did do a short hand, photo explanation post: http://hitekhomeless.net/2012/10/you-buy-a-truck-camper-because

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