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Camping at Oak Ridge Equestrian Area SWFWMD

May 9th, 2014

This is one of many vehicle accessible, free campgrounds that are maintained by the Southwest Florida Water Management District. While there are no fees to camp here, you must obtain a reservation. The camping area is behind a locked gate. When your reservation is confirmed, you will be granted entry. It’s only a minor inconvenience considering what you are getting, free camping in Florida.

The camping area in on high ground and dappled with scrub pine shade.  There is plenty of room for several groups

 swfwmd oakridge equestrian camping area  swfwmd oakridge equestrian camping area our free campsite

There’s picnic tables, fire rings, a little shelter, portable toilet and water via hand pump

 swfwmd oakridge equestrian camping area road  swfwmd oakridge equestrian camping area

 swfwmd oakridge equestrian camping area bushcraft arrows on the ground florida swfwmd oakridge camping area

It was just us and the tent. We’d see people on horses once in a while. I never saw anyone in the tent, but they had obviously taken over the shelter, and were into bushcraft, as we found items such as this bow made from a windshield wiper all throughout it.. As we were leaving we passed a snake venom guy, presumably out trying to catch some rattlers.

For more reservation info, maps, reviews and pictures of this free Florida campground, please visit

In or Out

May 8th, 2014

Using the outdoor kitchen/shower area.

Oh, look! Van pictures.

That’s dinner cooking in the outdoor kitchen/shower. To turn it into an indoor kitchen, just close the door. Indoor showers are not suggested.

The propane fired stove (Coleman PowerPack 1-Burner Stove) is attached to a board which folds down when not in use. We’d been talking about doing this before we even got the van. It is just as cool as we thought it was going to be.

Ninja Shower

The shower (Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater and Outdoor Shower) is also propane fired so the insulated wall behind it is covered in aluminum for fire protection. Between the shower and a 31 gallon water tank sits a water pump (Flojet 03526 144A Triplex Diaphragm 3526 Series Automatic Water System Pump).

Open the door, throw up a tarp, turn on the water pump, get naked and fire up the shower. It’s soooo much nicer than a solar shower.