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July 31st, 2015

So the last 48 hours have been pretty interesting. We got to hangout with some great friends whom we haven’t seen since we were in Colorado in 2011. They took time out of their vacation to chill with us in Montrose. Very cool of them. Love you guys, hope to see you in a few weeks/months.

Afterwards, we went back to an area we had found and camped at the day before, though in a different campsite. It’s a neat area. There are campsites on the cliff of a mesa, 400ft above the valley below. The views area vast. At night, the distant lights of Montrose shine bright and beautiful. We had planned to stay there for a few days and take care of some business. That is until it was time to go to bed.

Our free campsite outside of Montrose, Colorado

Snowden couldn’t get into the van on his own. He had a big day of hiking and playing with our friends at the park. I figured he was just stiff, so I picked him up and put him inside. Then, he acted as though his legs didn’t work and was collapsing. I put him in bed.

Being me, I thought the worst. I checked him for a snake bite. When I put him into a sit position to check the rest of him, his body swayed so much that he almost fell over. I laid him back down and tried to give him liquids. He acted like it was fire, flinching erratically. That’s when I freaked and called the after hours, emergency vet.

It was near midnight and the vet talked me out of bringing him in. We went over the symptoms. He said that it didn’t seem life threatening. I thought otherwise but the vet’s calm, gentle voice won me over.

Alarm set, so I could check on him every two hours, everyone went to bed. Not much sleep happened. Snowden sat up and looked so sad and pathetic. Eventually, I went and held him. Later, my love took the helm.

In the morning, he was better but still in a very bad way. We decided to leave the campsite. If there was something there that made him sick, we didn’t want Rain to get into it too.

Since we were going past the vet I had called anyway, we stopped in. They checked him out and did a test for toxins. They found something. THC!

The little dog must have found a discarded edible and was stoned out of his mind! It took 12hrs for him to return from his dream world enough to drink water, but he still wasn’t walking. It was 20hrs before he would eat.

Little stoner totally freaked me out. Snowden was Stoned’n. He was on a vision quest.

He’s completely back to normal now. No damage. Thankfully, the ordeal only cost $100 and one night’s sleep. We had to move before we had planned, but our new campsite has even better views and stellar cellular connectivity. It’s all good.

Our free campsite gunnison national forest

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9 Responses to “Stoned-In”

  1. Cyndi says:

    So glad all is well. No doubt Snowden discovered the secret of life during his trip. Seriously, who’d have guessed that was even possible.

    • jenn says:

      Man me too. I was totally freaking.

      Snowden has already got life figured out. He knows exactly what it’s all about. I’m sure he learned a few things though. If only he could tell us. lol

      I certainly wouldn’t have. Only in Colorado, I guess.

  2. Wendi says:

    this exact scenario happened to my puppy. She was about 6 months old and I thought she ate something poisonous. But it only took her overnight to come back from la la land. Is very scary stuff. In hindsight, funny stuff.

  3. Diane Lutz says:

    I’m glad it turned out the way it did. I could also see it costing lots more if you had a “city” vet.
    Diane Lutz recently posted..Boondocking and Keeping Dogs Safe

  4. Stephanie Potter says:

    Oh no! Poor pup! I had no idea that had happened. I wonder where & when he would have come across that. *smh* Snowden the Wonder Pup for sure! Glad he’s okay.

    • jenn says:

      It happened right after we saw ya’ll. We picked a closer campsite than the one we were in the night before. He must have been so hungry after playing in the water, that he’d eat just any old thing off of the ground.

  5. McKenzie says:

    Oh my! I have never thought about how a dog would react to being influenced by THC. I would have been scared too. Thanks for sharing!

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