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August 1st, 2015

I just realized that I have never introduced ya’ll to Snowden. Here he is!


Rain and Snowden


Ever since Rain was about 6 months old, I knew I was going to get another dog. I wanted to wait until she was about 3 years old. I subscribed to the Save a Heeler page on Facebook and would glance at the pound puppies who were up for adoption in many of the towns we visited. Rain’s third birthday came and went. No second pup.

Rain is half BC and half Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler), but she is a BC in personality. I was pretty sure that I was looking for another Border Collie. Then, in September of 2013, I ran across these photos.


I told Johnny that I was going into town to see this dog, and he should probably come with me or else I might bring him home. We went to the pound. While there, we interacted with and treated all of the dogs. While all of the dogs were barking, jumping, and pawing at their cages, Rowen, as he was known at the time, just quietly watched us. Not a peep out of him.




He was allowed out of the cage at our request. He was sweet and calm. Loving. We took him outside and played. Upon introduction, he and Rain got along. They played well. They lady working there said he’s never been that open with anyone else. That, he acted like he was abused. She said he obviously picked us. I figured she was giving us her usual spiel. Either way, Rowen knew how to do all the right things to be adopted. We signed the papers. Johnny didn’t even try to talk me out of it. I am soooo glad he didn’t.


Snowden on top


Rowen had to go get snipped. While he was at the vet, they told me that he was a bit older than I was led to believe. He was going to be a small dog. I was hoping for a dog Rain’s size (55#s). I also wasn’t sure if he was going to adapt to our lifestyle. I considered myself a foster for a while and put the word out about him. That’s when Johnny came up with the name Snowden. A character from Catch 22 that wasn’t around long.


Snowden's Behind


I couldn’t understand why anyone would drop such a loving, smart, and fun dog like him off at the pound. After we got Snowden home, we got our first clue.


Baby Snowden


He had zero control of his little, tiny bladder. He wasn’t house trained. He would pee if you tried to pet him from above. He would pee as he came to you. Sometimes, he would roll over on his back and pee. That’s was the best.

For the first two weeks, I stopped his bedtime water intake and took him outside to pee every two hours. I knew there was no way he was ready to live with anyone else as long as he had this issue. He would end up right back in the pound. So, he was with us until we worked it through.


Hiking Snowden


Snowden had a big mouth. He would bark at everyone. He would bark when he was excited. He would bark when he was scared. He would bark during play. He would run up to people, barking at them. They would lean over to pet him, and he would pee on their feet.


Snowden has a big mouth


He was a bit of a squealer. Sometimes, he would squeal with the lightest touch. He and Rain played a lot and there were always plenty of squeals.




After a couple of months, he almost had complete control of his bladder and was ready for a new home. By that time, I had already fallen in love with him. He had no problem adjusting to our lifestyle. I didn’t care if he was going to be a tiny dog. He was staying with us. Because he was still a bit of a leaker, had a big mouth, and squealed a lot, the name stuck. A hero’s name for a fantastic dog.


Snowden's Stance



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6 Responses to “Snowden”

  1. Diane Lutz says:

    What a lovely family you are traveling with. They are both beautiful.
    Diane Lutz recently posted..Boondocking and Keeping Dogs Safe

  2. Kyndal says:

    You know we would take Snowden in a second if you ever changed your mind! We love that lil big boy, he is part of the family now! Hope you got to see that pic of Chili Moon trying to pretend to be a cattledog…we still accept her even though she’s not! haha Love you guys, Rain and Snowden! Can’t wait til he puts his head between our legs again!
    Kyndal recently posted..Flip it. Break it. Fix it. Rub it down….oh nooooo

    • jenn says:

      Ya’ll certainly made an impression on him. He thinks that everyone on a dirtbike is James. He gets so happy and excited everytime he hears one.

      There’s no way. I love that little turd. He’s my heart dog now.

  3. Snowden os lucky to have such supportive, loving parents.

    • Hitek Homeless says:

      Thank you. Oscar is a pretty lucky dog himself. I hope that the egg has taken you both to many interesting locations since we last saw you.

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