Baja Trip 2014

May 31st, 2015

We spent four months, November 2014 to March 2015, travelling the Baja, Mexico peninsula in our AWD camper van. Most of that time was spent camping on the beach, usually at no cost. We also camped near hot springs and desert flats. We have added our campsites on There you can see our campsites and those submitted by other adventurers. Follow this link to view campsites in Baja California, Mexico and this one to see campsites in Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Getting Ready

After three plus years of wanting to sell the camper (it was way too big for our lifestyle), we finally put our backs into it and got it done. Yeehaw!

The camper's final days.


With that (4 hours) behind us, we were free to move about the country again. I knew that our friends were heading down to Baja California, Mexico in just under two weeks, so we decided to crash their caravan. That’s right 10 days to get everything in order and drive from Florida to San Diego. Go! Read more about getting ready for Baja…


Crossing the Border

If you’ve spent any time researching travelling in Baja, Mexico, you’ve surely run across these “rules”. According to the Internet, if you want to stay alive in Baja, Mexico, this is what you have to do or not do:

1. Don’t drive after dark.
2. Travel in groups.
3. Don’t cross at Tijuana.
4. No weapons (not even a bullet), drugs or anything illegal.
5. Cross the border at in the morning and drive as far south as you can.
6. Do not exit your vehicle before you get at least 400 miles south of the border.
7. Drive on the toll road. The bandits are on the libre.
8. If you are written a ticket, don’t pay the officer (it’s a bribe) for it. Go to the station instead.
9. Don’t drive after dark!

You’ll notice that one and nine are the same. This is because Read more about Crossing the Mexican border…

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4 Responses to “Baja Trip 2014”

  1. Hi there. My husband and I are going to Baja California this weekend. I was looking on and noticed most of the sites posted on there are from you! Thank you so much, I hope they work out well for us. We have a big rig (35foot) fifth wheel at live in full time. I like the name of your blog. You are funny too. I think you exaggerated a little about not getting out of your car for 400 miles lol. We plan to cross at Tecate and stay around Ensenada a couple nights. Hope we don’t get killed! Check out our blog if you get a chance.

  2. Hitek Homeless says:

    OK. I might have exaggerated just a hair, but not much. I was nervous and our friend who had been to Baja multiple times wanted to get south as fast as he could. It turns out that he just wanted to get to his favorite spot and set up for a month or so. On the way back up, we took our time. No fear! 🙂

    I hope you guys are having a blast. You’ve gotten quiet, so I’m sure you are.

  3. Neal says:

    Hi! I saw your post on free camping at Punta Chivato beach. Can a 40′ coach get down to the camping area (near the beach)? We travel somewhere (mostly Sonora) in Mexico every winter and the area around Punta Chivato sounds like a nice spot for an extended stay. Thanks in advance for any info you can share with me.


    • jenn says:

      Hi Neal. I think PC is a lovely spot and certainly worth a visit. However, the road out is like rough cobble stone.

      There might be pay camping near the hotel ask inside. This could be a good option for you.

      There is free camping on the beach. The beach sand is very loose. We ended up pulling a stuck truck free near the entrance. I wouldn’t suggest it for a large, 2WD rig.

      If you really like shore fishing, it would be worthwhile to make a day trip and scout it out. It was the best shore fishing we experienced in Baja.

      The person who reaffirmed my desire to visit PC posted on this thread: It’s a good read.

      I’m pretty sure that we’ll be down in Baja again this winter. Maybe we’ll see you there.

      Do you have a journal of your travels? We hope to see more of MX, and I’d love to read about your time there.

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