Slab City or bust!

April 6th, 2009

Internut - Slab City Library

After we left Quartzsite, our next ‘destination’ was Slab City, just outside of Niland, CA. First though, we really had to do some shopping before I broke into the emergency can of baked beans. So, we hit Brawley, which is about twenty miles south of the Slabs. As long as we were in town, Jenn wanted to get some work done on the freecampsites website, so we endured horribly slow internet for a night, under the assumption that we’d have no internet at all once we hit Slab City.

Go figure. Slab City had the best EVDO connection we’d seen since we left Phoenix. In fact, it’s so good they have an internut connection in the lending library. Speaking of the library, I was really impressed with the selection of books available and found my share very quickly. I rather wish I’d spent more time in the library as I could have dug around for a few gems instead of grabbing the first half dozen titles that looked interesting.

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The best laid plans…

July 30th, 2007

Well, another weekend pretty well shot. People just don’t understand how to take care of RV’s. Everything we’ve looked at has had water damage due to not being regularly resealed. I’d like to believe that people tell us there is no water damage out of ignorance rather than actually lying, but it’s getting hard to believe in a lot of cases.

We’ve pretty well decided to consider anything we come across at this point. We’ve looked at class a’s, class c’s and 5th wheels. We’re pretty open to the 5th wheel idea as it will let us get a 4×4 diesel truck for gas mileage and accessibility. The hard part is finding one that isn’t ginormous! We’re having a hard time finding anything nearby that’s 26 feet or less.

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Shooting too well

July 25th, 2007

(note: this is not my photo… we left the camera at home)

It’s pretty cool to split an arrow at 20 yards! And then you realize you have to buy a new arrow at $7+ a pop. On the bright side, if we have to depend on my accuracy with a bow to eat, I won’t be shooting twice… well unless I completely miss the first shot and the food keeps standing there.

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