Cleaning and spraying for sanity’s sake

April 10th, 2008

So you know that we moved up the street to save some money on rent. Not only is the place cheaper, but its also a bit more spread out and wild, which we love. But, with that wildness comes problems. Bugs. I am not too worried about most bugs. What I cannot handle is roaches. Ugh. Yuck. No way. The campground seems to have a roach problem, and it was becoming ours.
Now, I do try to be an environmentally friendly person. I don’t want to introduce chemicals into my living area or the area around my home. However, I can’t take roaches in the house!

So, earlier this week, we finally did what I would always do before moving in to somewhere new, we sprayed the joint down with Demon Dust WP. My folks say they used to get the stuff from an old family friend who was an exterminator. Thankfully, its available to the public now.

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