Sorry about that butt shaped divot in your couch!

January 24th, 2009

After two months sitting around in a house and sinking further and further into the couch, we’re finally back on the road. Don’t get me wrong, we had a great time with Jenn’s aunt, uncle, cousins and the grand kids, but we made the mistake of hooking up the idiot box. Now, I can pretty easily sit in front of the tube all day if there are enough movie channels to keep me interested. I KNOW it’s dumb and not the best way to spend my time and have spent most of the last ten years without TV or without cable at the least. Still, when it’s available, I think ‘well, it’s temporary, so I can indulge’.

Somehow, we finally got motivated and winterized the house, moved stuff back to the camper and hit the road. However, we’d lost some hobo mojo and things went wrong the moment we tried to leave. First we got enough snow to make driving a bit hazardous for two days, then we developed a leak in the camper (probably from the thaw/ice cycle of the snowfall), broke a PVC pipe while disconnecting the house water and the camper fridge went on the fritz.

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We have a winner?

September 14th, 2007

Well the perfect truck might have come along. Johnny’s post yesterday must have hastened the good truck mojo. Oddly enough, I am feeling a little apprehensive about it. Its exactly what I thought I wanted. Its a F450, Diesel, Dually, and its 4×4. Its in the year range that I wanted, has the engine I want. and has decent mileage. The only problems so far are that it is 300 miles away and doesn’t have a bed. The price is great, so I don’t mind the bed. I will put a bed on it. So what’s my problem? I guess its the fact that this is my first diesel dually. The only concerns that I have that are specific to a 450 is its weight and mpg. Oh and if my feet can reach the pedals. The F450 will carry all we want and more. On the 350 we will most likely be carrying as much as it will handle.

I’d hate to buy a new one until I sell my old one, but this vehicle is pretty hard to come by, and I might just jump on it. Wish my title would hurry up. Anyone want to buy an Xterra?