An Unwelcome Guest

April 25th, 2012

After few days of us camping in the location, our neighbor decided to drop by for a visit.

Unwelcomed Guest - Lost Valley, CA

Our Rainbow Gathering

July 8th, 2011

July 4th Rainbow on Arches Trail

A July 4th Rainbow and Hoodoos

Another Independence Day has passed, and we still haven’t made it to a Rainbow Gathering. This year, the rainbow came to us. While hiking Arches Trail in the Dixie National Forest of Utah, this wonder appeared in the distance.

I hope everyone had a great holiday. Happy belated birthday, United States of America.





Under the San Francisco Peaks

June 18th, 2011

Rain enjoying her new big dog disc

Loving the B-day Disc

I really liked Flagstaff. It is a quaint little town, as little as a town of 60,000 can be, nestled in the Coconino National Forest. Amazingly enough, this desert forest actually has trees! Route 66 and the old Santa Fe Railway run through the middle of the city. Everyone there seemed super laid back and friendly. Granted, most of the people we talked to were seasonal.
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West Clear Creek Trail

April 24th, 2011


This trail is supposed to be 7.5 miles long and according to the forest service, it should take about 4.5 hours to complete. That’s like 1.6 miles an hour. They rate it as Easy/Strenuous. In reality, The hike is easy/moderate if you are traveling in one direction. I you are traveling in the other, the trail becomes difficult at around the 5 mile mark when you start the 1800′ elevation trek up Bald Hill (understatement!).

Our experience was a bit different. After about 3.75 hours of hiking and four stream crossings, we had gone about 4.5 miles. That’s around 1.2 miles an hour. Not too bad considering the elevation changes and the scenery that constantly beckons you to stop and try to take it all in.

The trail is very diverse. We started out at Bull Pen Dispersed Camping area (car camping). The first part of the trail was a flat and sandy white sycamore forest situated along the creek. There are hike in dispersed campsites all along the trail. If you stay on the main trail, which can be hard to do with all the the offshoots to campsites, it will eventually open up to a flat, grassy/shrubby valley where you will walk past the old bull pen ranch house.

West Clear Creek Trailhead - Camp Verde, AZ
West Clear Creek Trail - Camp Verde, AZ
West Clear Creek Trail - Camp Verde, AZ
West Clear Creek Trail - Camp Verde, AZ

West Clear Creek Trail - Camp Verde, AZ

The trail makes it way back down to the river. When it does, it takes you to a very special place. I couldn’t capture the beauty of this part of the trail on my camera phone. The pictures don’t do it justice. There are crystal clear swimming holes with red rock sunning areas. Here, the red rock canyon walls are decorated with yellow columbine, prickly pear, scarlet monkey flower, and other plants that create a hanging garden and gives the area a tropical feel. Soon, you will find yourself wondering if you will be able to edge along the canyon wall. That’s when you will spot your first rock cairn which signifies the first creek crossing. Watch for those cairns. Otherwise, it can be easy to get turned around at creek crossings. They are rocky and you cannot see the trail as well. The trail crosses the creek again shortly after the first crossing. Continue Reading »

Snow Good

April 10th, 2011

I have to admit it. I normally detest snow but for some reason I was secretly excited about the prospect of snow up here on the mountain. It turned out to be everything I was hoping. When we woke up on Saturday everything was covered in at least 4″s of snow. It was so beautiful! The following pictures here taken a few hours later, after the snow started melting off.

Priorities! Notice the squeaky clean solar panel - Prescott, AZ
Alx (AKA David Driter) hiding from the snow - Prescott, AZ

Our rig was snowed in, as was our camp mate Alx‘s rig.

Our white campsite - Prescott, AZ
Our beautiful white campsite - Prescott, AZ

The campsite was pretty well dusted.

Could not have been in a better place during the snow storm - Prescott, AZ
Rain loves hiking in the snow - Prescott, AZ

Nothing stops Rain’s morning walk…. err hike! She’s not happy unless it takes at least two hours.

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