Factory quality repairs on the east coast?

September 26th, 2008

This place is huge and everything is for sale, from welding equipment to bolts.

We had to have a few repairs done recently, and after talking to the factory out in Oregon, we were pointed to a dealer in Amherst, Virginia. I was getting a bit scared when the lady there mentioned that their repair guy only worked for them part time. However, she told me she had recently sent some folks up to the factory in Winchester for repairs. Now, this struck me as odd since I’d just got off the phone with the factory in Oregon and they’d confirmed that the Winchester factory was now closed. It turns out that three of the senior guys are starting a repair facility and are still working out of the Northwood factory for the time being!

I can’t recommend Bruce, Jerry and Roger highly enough. Between them, they’ve got something like 102 years of experience manufacturing RV’s for Fleetwood and Northwood. Both times we’ve dealt with them, they have been very professional and extremely fast while managing high quality repairs. In fact, I’ll go so far as to give out their phone numbers for anybody on the east coast that needs some excellent work done.

Phone: 540-542-6140

Cell: 304-268-2339

The RV Pros: Bruce, Roger, and Jerry.

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Free At Last! Free At Last!

May 1st, 2008

After far too much time spent planning, preparing and waiting, we are finally on the road!

We spent a few hectic days cleaning out the remains of our storage unit and some work on the truck. Friday afternoon, our Bodiak front end receiver came in along with a receiver mounted cargo carrier. Unfortunately, the cargo carrier stuck out an absurd amount from the front of the truck… roughly 14 inches past the receiver before the basket portion even began! With some fiddling, I found that we could use the holes drilled for people that wanted it to stick out even further (I have no idea why) to reverse the basket so that it would mount over the raised portion of the carrier support. This still left about a foot of useless steel sticking forth, which I was tempted to use as a battering ram. Instead, I waited until the welding supply shops opened on Monday (I blame Murphy for using all my gas on Thursday) and cut it down to a manageable size. See? Everyone really needs an oxy-acetylene torch in their rig!

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One Day At A Time

November 12th, 2007

As Johnny stated, we are very busy getting ready and haven’t been able to post much. I have been working on selling my vehicle, but I am not having much luck with it. I guess that I am the last person on earth who loves a manual transmission. As soon as they hear that its a stick, the conversation ends. We are still trying to empty out the house in an ethical way. Our families have picked out everything that they want. Our friends have come over and, after some rummaging, decided on some items. We have lots of ads running on Craig’s list at the moment. I still have tons more to add. I am about to start listing on freecycle as well. We just have too much stuff. I have learned that being a pack rat is a bad thing.

We have a better idea of when the camper will arrive! It is supposed to leave Oregon on the 15th. It will come via a tractor trailer. It will probably take a couple of days for them to inspect it and do all of the dealer setup stuff. We are really hoping to have it before Thanksgiving. It would be great to be able to pack it up over the long weekend. Here’s hoping!

We have also picked out a campground to stay in for a couple of months while we get acclimated to the RV lifestyle and continue to make a living in the corporate world. We decided to spend the winter and part of the spring working at our current jobs so that we can put the money that we spent getting ready for this adventure back into our savings and sock away a few pennies more.

We have marked a few more items off of our list, but we still have lots to go. Half the fun of getting there is the journey, right?