June 5th, 2009

We made it! Finally. That’s right, it wasn’t all just talk. We really did drive from Florida to Alaska. Here are some pictures of our first day there. We stopped in Cicely:

An Oasis
Dr. Joel Fleischman's Office - Downtown Cicely, AK
KBHR - Downtown Cicely, AK
The Brick - Downtown Cicely, AK
Downtown Cicely, AK
Downtown Cicely, AK

OK, OK its not really Alaska. Its Roslyn, WA. That’s where Northern Exposure was actually filmed (not Alaska). I saw it on a map as we were passing by and being a big fan, just had to stop in for a couple of minutes.

We are on our way to Alaska, though. I promise. Even if the Canadian customs officials didn’t seem to want to let us pass. They separated us, questioned us, and searched the camper. I thought for sure they were going to deny us entry because we didn’t have a detailed itinerary. However, after the guard emerged after searching the camper, his whole demeanor changed. He was all nice and smiles. One has to wonder what he found in the camper that lighted his spirits so.

Anyway, we are in BC, Canada and are blazing through it as quickly as we can. Internet connectivity is very sparse, so we probably will not post again until we are there.